See before the presence of the hosts
The fire of truth
Devouring the alien mind
Unknown to the known

Cast off not in war or angst or might or love
Not by duty nor ordain
Stood eternally in that very thing alone

It is by that voice who speaks
No other voice can deter
Quieting all in time and patience
On every world

Look over the silver blue waters
Cleansing the wounded spirit
In this firmament unforgotten
Though sought after

As such with truth
That its location
Is there for all to see
If one would only turn away from spoils

Warrior to us all
Protecting us all
Undenied anyone dare touch
As if life itself gave proof

How could I not describe a thing
A beauty as this
As it rests there in matters dark
And light?

Unwavering wealth of power
Can be found on the simplest lips
Even by the greatest warrior
All the way down to dogs

Is there an ear to hear?
Is there a forum to wield?
Bring out your standing stages
And circular coliseums

Build once more a Temple for the Truth
Where love is thy honor
And peace is thy mind
And grace is thy walk

It is
As the races descend upon the earth
Scattering man to many gods
Some shall witness the result

As that sky cracks
Revealing another
Who shall withstand the awe
Of the infiltrated will?

Do we not see a lie as the enemy?
Is it our sister who heralds the wicked heart?
Does our brother make war with us?
Or is it a stolen soul now host?

See before the presence of the host
That fire restores original life
Casting away all doubt
By they who did speak

Ryan o0o


All Words and Images (unless otherwise noted)
Copyright © 2014 Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
“ICE” Graphical Photo/Image ©2014 Colleen Ranney

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