The awakening is not of logic
Or spirit
Or heart

It is LIFE

Command oh stand behind the man
Ye who would stand before him
That such man knows not himself
Knowing himself to be
What he is not
Unknowing he is buried
Underneith you

Take that life
In rage you walk
Before the eyes of the living
Where that truth cannot hide you
And that lie cannot reveal you
To they who call

How the words of the Fathers ring out
In glory they speak clearly
Where ears are no longer deaf
And eyes are no longer blind
Before the face of your deception

For all such evil works thou hast made
There evermore rest the heart of my brothers
Here evermore stands the heart of my lover
Whereas forever has been your Master

Oh that you prattle on endlessly
Making magic of words so frail
They must be spoken without end
In the minds of they who do not know
Have invaded their very identity

But that it is a single word
From the mouth of the Great
Poured out long ago
Still resonates today in truth!

Let it be heard in mind and heart and spirit
As it has always been

As thou does make witness to the hair of my fathers upon my head
So to must thou bow to the trumpet of my ordination
For it was long ago this was written
Long before that it was devised
And still after now is that gavel in hand
As that breath is given within me, so has it been

Success is mine
Failure is mine
Truth is mine
Falshoods are mine
The left is mine as is the right
That which is high above is mine
And likewise that which is deep below
The choice is mine
For all of these things were given to me
With discernment

That you stand in lies
That you stand in thievery
That you stand in insanity
That you stand in war
That you stand in destruction
That you stand always in death
As you fall and fail and fear
With no choice

I am not you as you flee
I was not you from the beginning
My hand moves when I will
As my lips shall speak as I will
My thoughts are my own
As yours are obvious
Especially in your use of others

Oh the lengths you have gone to hinder the truth!
All shall move against you.

Such beauty there is
In the light of the Originator
Such idiocy is there
In the darkness of your plot

Why should I fear your desire for my darkness?
Why should I fear the opinions of your little ones
Who have no gavel?…

When your Master has revealed you to me
And struck the iron of my blood
With great heat and craftsmanship!

Ryan o0o


All Words and Images (unless otherwise noted)
Copyright © 2014 Ryan Ranney & Colleen Ranney – Ranney Studios
“Look at him go” Painting/Image ©2009 Ranney Studios

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