As each word is a picture of a phrase
So too is the beginning as the end.

K’tol iaht dal
To bless the memory of the Righteous.
(As the Righteous are named as Blessing)

Stolak K’sel glis oriori
Before the fallen took oaths
Were they mixed in their hearts

Bladia til-aron frenality
That they would bring forth
Children of the sea

Bladia drefte frenality
That they would bring forth
Children of the land

Ada mial blad verilia ignat
So that the first of many
Would not prosper under foot

Eiliori mestrat abitij
Who can withstand the Eternal
And rise?

Cositica li plas dlitcli domitiari protifero aml
Even the stars hid themselves
When masks were made for man

When the righteous spoke

It is said the sun chases the moon
As the moon chases the sun
As the earth does bear witness

Then a man stands
As one sits
When a child bears witness

So too does a woman weep from pleasure
As another rejoices from pains
Where no river can flow

Just as the essence of the wandering soul
Does require the continuation of generations
Until such time
There is no generation
To follow the last who stood
And fell
And rose
And did not know the way

Whereas the thirst for heaven
Will bring about hell
When the thirst for death
Makes uplifted graces to answer

And he who knew only sorrow
Makes praise of hope
And he who knew hope
Makes praise of curses

Who then can know an evil dream
Without the truth hitherto afforded?

Because what was once before walking and living and breathing
Upon the face of the earth
Is upon us again though we believe it a mystery.
With evidence and proof before our very eyes
We cannot step past our own personal desire
For personal self-anointing blindness.

Who sails without the wind calling themselves captains?
Isn’t there a frown upon my head
As my hands do the work of the unrighteous?
Yet without such is there death
And that of life is considered evil.

It takes only days to corrupt the path of a child
As the hosts of the universe have done so for generations
With the same ignorance of result
Found also in their creations pride.

Split in the mind calling itself to be itself
Where the spirit no longer resides inside the vessel
Designed for it
As women curse their husbands
And men loathe their wives
And the young seek ways to pillage the other

Is it not before us
That the great wars long ago
Are again right here in our hearts
As we follow the ideals of wolf packs
Devouring the food of other nations?

But who is to recall
That not one variance of this spirit
Was found born into us?
As we still believe our knowledge
Is that of natural man!

What abomination of man
That we should be tinker toys
For lesser creatures with greater knowledge
Convincing us that we have been blessed
While living under the curse of all curses

And he who amasses more curses
Is to be delighted upon
As though he has amassed greater blessing
When it was he who had amassed great sorrow
Did instead create more blessings of gifts and praise

And if I give life
It is anointed now that I should give
Only to they who anoint themselves
As sole righteous barer
Of my life

And they who give life to many
Are considered vile and evil
By those who believe selfishness to be just

So that in this time
Only the most selfish and evil
Of they who could give life
Do instead take life in innocence
As though it was the word
Of the eternal

Is this not as it was long ago?
As it also is now?

Indeed goodness is in the hands of the terrible
As wickedness is in the hands of the just

As the old and new law does pervert all thought
As the old and new grace does steal all peace

(it then becomes yours to answer)

K’tol iaht dal
To bless the memory of the Righteous

Ryan o0o


Painting (portion) “Un-Named” ©2013 Colleen Ranney – used with permission to make testament of life
All Words and Images (unless otherwise noted)
Copyright © 2013 Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
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