There they are
all the way back to the beginnings
tho many speak of many
from the stars
they have not made account
of they of the Ala Batia.

Have we seen beauty
transfixed not just by the eye
but into the lineage
of our kind to our kind?

Oh that when it is they make themselves
known again
none shall comprehend
in their mind
Of they who stand before

Gazing out into the solemn sky
of waters glow
flowing bodies of untold grace
manifest before the great thrones
dividing rocks by the caress of crystal pour

Who can defy the Batia El Al?
We cannot even define their life
as we know
they are the sky
the depths
inside the secret hearts of men and women
there is a remnant

I shall speak

Oh Daughters of God
who when alone are forgotten

When shall the revelation be
when side by side you appear
once again
from your palaces of crystal waters
and sacred orbitals?

For it is in the vision
standing one behind another
you have hidden yourself as the reflection of yourself
for your immense Beauty in force
could not be withstood by men
until such one would awaken

It is not a dream that made one sleep
but the wake that made rest fall to blind eyes

And it is felt all over the face of the earth
that the prison of solitude
from your Sisters
has not kept quiet your heart any longer

As the Sons of God did make their mark
in our ancient world
still standing in their divided nations
was the name of you cast to the wind
unmarked in the stone
covered in the dust of skin
and scattered from the power
of your feminine unity

Ah but it shall not be so
when the rest return
nor is it forgotten wholly
in those who have remained
Remembering they are the Alabathian
Remembering they are the Batia EL Al
Remembering they are the Daughters

Who shall rebuild the earthly palace?
Indeed who can forget its construction
when two stand with the earth
And who could stop its reconstruction
when three stand together?

You of all the hosts of Heaven
who were spoke of as illusion
are a rising force
that none of yet take note

Alas – What can man see with the eyes of an animal?
What can man feel with the sense of a beast?
What can man hear who has not listened
to the song you have placed in their very own hearts
that only a few may find?

A Vigil there is still
among those who have witnessed
and kept honored what was given and revealed
that a day may come
when your Race may nurture the earth again

Let the Remnant Rise to welcome the return

Ryan o0o


All Words and Images  
Copyright © 2005-2014 Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
Painting/Image curtesy Pixaby All Rights Reserved