Anyone can hold another
Anyone can kiss another
Anyone can share in physical delights.

But who among us can say that True Love does not require Courage?

As I step onto the path of our joined existence I am faced with the startling truth.

Face the mirror of me, all shiny, all bright, all perfect, designed so eloquently for your approval and satisfaction.

Face the truth in me, all weathered, all worn, all skeptical, all worried, designed so eloquently for my experience and forced growth in life.

Choose I must in love to share; is it the mirror or me that she shall see?
And how do I walk upright in my truth

How many others already adorn the shackles of past dispositions?
How many others saw instead the smoke and mirrors?

Will it be again as it was and again as it will be, if I do not reveal the real me?


Why Courage?

Courage is the cement in love everlasting. Courage is the DNA of intimate things. Courage is the power to walk into lands unknown and deep forests unimaginable.

And what is more vast, more as the oceans in depth, and like the stars in heights than Love, intimate love, passionate love, personal love?

None, no nothing requires more courage… yet nothing offers more reward.

In this moment I adore you my lover for each and every day of Courage you have laid out before my eyes to see. I know of your ways and your past, how it haunts and taunts and discourages love… yet instead you laid waste to the screaming voices of fear and fearlessly gave yourself unto me. Courage is in your soul and strength is in your will to stand naked before the burning sun wishing hope upon hope that what shall return is the loving caress of the cool waters breeze.

Oh and that man should remember courage in Love!

For what is a man without courage?
And who is a man without the will to fight unto death for conviction?
So should it not be that in all the battlefields of all the earth’s motions
That Man should hunt most of all himself… that with Courage he is as
a Lion against the jackals?

Will a man know a greater proving ground than the mysterious workings of women?
So it is that I remain as a dog against the Bear, barking my courage before the giant
Beast of unknown results.

And Oh what a reward it is to witness such a beast flee from me in the arms of Love’s endearing touch, and passions blissful kiss, and the living bed of forgotten pleasures.

Courage, yes courage, for each and every time we travel into the unknown dream of Heaven itself to express our love, Courage to open myself to any possibility of emotion, sensation, humility and vulnerability. This courage I wear now as a suit of Armor against discouragement and doubt.

THIS is the requirement to find the immeasurable Love. This is the ingredient to experience the unimaginable bliss. This is the foundation of intimacies great City.
It is a city of the Most High. None shall enter without Courage to shed every false notions of ones self… and stand before the open arms of our lover as the True and Passionate Being we are.

To know such courage is to know that each and every expression of love is now but a beginning into a limitless exploration of unspeakable joys where time and space no longer hold any meaning.

Be fearless in who you are, speak with dignity about your desires, share each and every hidden particle of passion with your lover…

And find what our world has forgotten to look for… anymore.

Ryan o0o


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