If the sun did not set, it would also not rise.

If the song bird did not sing, would we know its lovely voice?
If the bear did not Stand, would we know to be cautious?
If the heat did not burn our skin, would we know the comfort of warmth?
If the cold did not freeze us, would we know the refreshment of cool?

What would be our fate
If we knew not the difference?

What would we know?
What would we experience?
What would we embrace,
and what would we refuse?

If we put food into our mouths, and we taste nothing,
then what would we desire of Food?

If we put a roof over our heads, and we feel no security,
then what would we need of shelter?

And if a Man walks upon the earth,
and does not act according to love,
then does he know what love is?

Because that man may put love into his mouth, and yet taste nothing,
so he desires nothing of love.

And that man puts love into his efforts, a builds a home, yet he is not satisfied,
so he gains no security from it.

That man knows the bird he sees with his eyes, yet he does not hear it sing.
That man sees the bear walk upon the earth, but he has never seen it rise to defend.

That man knows the burn that comes from fear of love,
and he knows the cold that comes from those who lie of love,
but he does not know the warmth and the coolness of real love.

For nothing of LOVE is from fear or from lies.

That man lives in a world of the setting sun,
and he has not known the sun to rise.

It is in his actions and his life,
that we see what a man knows.
For if a man does not walk in love,
does he know what love is at all?
Has he tasted the greatest gift and knowledge and wisdom of God; Love?

Who lessor then a King would walk among men to share the wisdom of Love?
Who lessor then a righteous soul would lay down his life so that you would know love?
Who lessor then a brother and friend to all would give this to us, so that we too would speak?

We live in a world that has forgotten love.
We live in a time that despises it.
We live in an era that mocks love.
We live in a society that trades love for products.

If we truly knew love, we would not run to the malls to satisfy our desire.
If we truly knew love we would not run to our work to accomplish our self worth!
If we truly knew love we would not speak to another as though they must obey our message!
(ironic isn’t it haha)
If we truly knew love we would not seek to be accepted,
or desire to be special,
or need to be better then another,
or crave to be successful in money,
or want to be popular,
or wish to be famous,
or threaten anyone who is not like us.

In love we are secure, and whole, and welcome, and perfect, and LIBERATED from all that there is of the world which asks for your desire.

In love… it is YOU who desires to give to the world.

Each man may look to his own life, and feel his own lack regardless of what another may tell him. He does not need to hear that he should have a new car, or he must pay his taxes, or that he isn’t a man unless he is better then another man. ALL of these are lies, and ALL of these are not meant to better US… they are meant to better another.

It is love that Desires to offer help and support and strength to it’s community.
It is fear and control which takes these things from you.

He who demands your service your sweat and your work, does not know love at all.

If such a man knew love, he would offer his service.

In the end, your own life is your measuring rod.
If you lost a brother, you know his value.
If you lost a sister, you know her weight in your heart.
If you lost a Father, then you know the feeling of aloneness,
and if you lost a Mother, you know the loss of your innocence.

What we have IS of value, before they are gone, before we cannot tell them.
Who would NOT say to their family that they Love them as life itself….

Unless that man did not know Love now?

Who would put work and possessions and money and self seeking respect ahead of the brotherhood of man… unless he did not remember love?

But how does a man know he is without love, if he has never heard the songbird sing?

I can say only this:

I did not know love at all.
I am beginning to feel it.

Though I searched and searched…. I had no idea how foreign “Love” was to my bones.
My own pride and self interests were derived from my lack.

What of he who thinks love is a stupid notion?
What of he who uses the words of love to gain attention instead of to give?
What of he who believes he will never find love?
What of he who does not care?

I tell you all, that you would care very and most powerfully deeply… if you knew what love was as God knows what love is.

In each breath we take, which is a gift from a Spirit that breathes for us, we are given a hope that we will reclaim our inheritance. Everything which lies to us, is made to keep us from our inheritance.

Yet though we know that love is joy, and love is laughter, and love is bliss, and love is kind and love is giving and love is miraculas, and love is perfect and love is generous and love is forgiving…. and that GOD is love….

It was for me as though I had not tasted it at all.

Though I lived with these ideas in my life, it was as though I had no concept of love of any kind. What I had, was a pattern of fear reduction.

Truly the Kingdom of Heaven IS love… and IF a man knew love… he would sell ALL that he had and turn away from ALL that he thinks, and refuse ALL that lies to him about his lack… and he would buy every stock of love he could.

Even more truly so, is that Love is Free.

May we all regain what is rightfully ours.

Ryan o0o


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Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
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