How long does one walk
Down the darkened path
Of world discovery
Of self discovery
Of the discovery of mankind?

We set ourselves above the land
Though the land does not lie
We set ourselves above the water
Though the water does not lie
We set ourselves above the animal
Though the animal does not lie

We set our minds above the stars
Though the stars do not know us

We set our hearts above the hearts of humans
Though every human has the same needs we do

We cause others to recompense our lives
Even though their debt is larger than ours

We accuse others of our unhappiness
Yet praise ourselves of our happiness

We hide who we are
Even from ourselves
In a universe that knows the truth
In a universe that lives only by truth

Sing a song
Upon the stage of the world
Hide behind the veil
Drift along the river of doubt
Live beyond the shore
Of delight

Love the reflection
Of your own creation
Stare into the abyss
Perfect the image of falsehood
Until a ripple of truth
Upsets the mirror

None can see the enemy
While staring right at him

For every truth on earth
Is hidden behind two untruths
Even a third
Of our own making

And every discovery on earth
Is the cost of two
Even a third
Of our own coin

And every step in the spirit world
Where we must abide to endure
Awakens they who live in light
And they who live in darkness
Whereas our own awareness is the prize
Of a war we cannot fathom
Yet all around us it is
In the world

But this is also just a reflection
Of a lie

What choice do we have
But to live in the truth
And die in the truth
Or live in the lie
And die in the lie?

So I will speak of the power forgot

I stand and say that I have power
As do all humans – as we live
Yet we are not the source of our own power
We are the carriers of that power

I look and see the power of the bear
As can be seen in all animals
Yet they are not the source of their own power
They are only vessels of power

I witness the power of nature and its results
As can be seen in all parts of the earth
Yet nature is not the source of its own power
It is only the action of power given to it

I did not create or evolve myself
Of my own power
Nor did the bear
Nor does the tide

Even the earth itself
Did not manufacture itself from nothing
Nor then give itself power from nothing to do so
This was by the force of something else

Even the Big Bang did Boom because of the power given to it
To do so

So then if I stand in praise of myself
I do lie in the speaking of my power as my own source

And if I stand in accusation of another
I do lie in the speaking of their power as their own source

We are not the source of life
As life existed long before us
But we may live in it

We are not the source of death
As death existed long before us
But we may die in it

Life can be given by the Power of Life
And Death can come to that which is then living
But death cannot give power to death
For death is the end

Life is the beginning and the source
Of both life and death

All that is, has been, will be, and is dreamed of
Has a source from which it draws power

That source is life
Some call it God

The war is a reflection of a lie
Because even darkness draws its power from light
Until such time as the light puts all darkness away
Until such time as the light cuts off the power to the dark

The lie is a robber and a thief
And it is not even the source of itself

The truth is the light and the pattern of the whole universe
And it is the source of all power

The lie keeps us in darkness – blind to all things
And it hates the truth

The truth keeps us in sight of all things
Even the lie

The lie wants to be the truth
It wants to convince you
That it is the source of all power

A lie is designed to deceive you
Into believing
It is something that it is not
So that it can steal the power given to you by life

The truth is the source of all power
And it needs to convince no one

A truth is designed to relieve you
Of all lies
And darkness
And ultimate powerlessness

The phoenix did die unto its lies
And rose again from the ash of darkness
To soar in the light of the sky
Once more

One cannot die
Until they first live
And one cannot live
Without the TRUE source of all Life
The True source of all power

What then do you worship
The reflection of lies and its accuser
Or the reality of truth – that all other things live in?

Ryan o0o


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