The answer we already know
The desire we already have
The want we already feel
The vision we already see
The idea we already thought
The will we already muster
The dream we already create
The truth we already have been given

The lies are not in what all we already have

Who does not know themselves
when they see their own eyes in a mirror?

How many portions does one need to agree
until they see they own the truth also?

Do you know your own desires?
Do you know your own wants?
Do you know your own secret dreams?
Do you know your own Inner vision?
Do you know your own ideas?
Do you know your own will?
Do you know your own answers?

Only one remains!

Do you know the truth?

Seek instead the Questions!
In them all that you already know
will again be revealed to you.

And those who stole away your truth
and the principles that took your truth
and the lies that re-directed you away
and the fears that hide away the questions
will also ALL be revealed.

Be unafraid as little children
to reveal every question you have.

Hear the man who says he cannot
and see how he no longer seeks the question!
Yet his brother does that thing with ease!

See the nations and tongues and tribes and cultures
and is there even ONE thing that cannot be done?
AHH even in death we find a Messiah who proved eternal life.
is there even ONE thing that cannot be done?

Now we here the murmers
and now we know the naysayers
and now we understand how they fear the question
so much so that they create false answers!
See how it MUST be so for them, as they deny every truth they know?

Be fearless as a child
to ask why.

I wonder if you wonder as I do?
At how life would be with every truth we already know?
If you held in your hands everything of your dreams?

My journey today of finding the questions
is to become every form of Love
that man’s answers discarded.
To share every form of love discovered
that man’s laws made us fear.
To experience every form of love
that man’s fear denied us.
To express every form of love
that man’s eyes no longer see.
To fill every vessel with love
that man’s vanity robbed.

Ryan o0o


All Words and Images (unless otherwise noted)
Copyright © 2013 Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
“Ryan Thought” Graphical Photo/Image ©2010 Ryan Ranney
All Rights Reserved

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