There is no time, or sense of time when love lives beyond this,
Life is one and all.
Perceptions mock they who desire knowledge.
In this justice is true,
Heaven is within us even now.

Of what do we find our liberations?
Of eternity? Of tranquility? Of life?
Yet resistance to truth speaks of distance.
Abolishment of sacredness speaks of separation.
Of these things the Cosmos gives not an ear.

That which is pure knows not of filth.
A choice to spare a flower does not make one powerful.
In giving yet do we receive, in yearning are we without.
A gift then is reached for with exuberance!
The purpose of Life, is liberty, as death sets a stage.

Do we not know the hour of our truth?
Does one man stand in honesty to deny himself?
Be gods yet be chained down to the works of other?
The irony proves his masters whip.
If none shall do the work of God, then stones be raised to do so.

The judgement of the hosts of Heaven, listen not to our words.
Their gaze is upon the Fathers command.
Everything we have gathered,
rests within our hearts this day,
and quietly awaits the seekers return to home.

A wicked nation seeks a sign,
and dreams they are not alive.
Rise UP and demand accountability for injustice.
The essence of each moment was meant for you.
By speaking for light it was so.

This is the journey and the way of man.
That he should know of his truth,
and not be alone in the wilderness of despairs endless rambling.
He is a son, to a living Truth, and creator of love itself.
Turn away from the mournful call.
Your inheritance, has always been with you.

Ryan o0o


Painting “Cliffs” ©2011 Colleen Ranney – used with permission

Copyright © 2013
Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
All Rights Reserved