Awaken me from silent sleep
of wanted dreams
and dithered destiny

Strip away the tarnish
of subtle notion
bound beyond the tether

Wipe tear from eye
of all i’ve seen
before the play of mankind

Was it not enough o man
to feel the blades of grass
and warm light of the air?

Was it not enough to listen
to truth
placed right into our hands?

As he who desired to design a better thing
ignored the beauty
without the heart to witness

As he who lifted himself
into what he thought was right
while standing before the actual throne of righteousness!

Who are the ignorant
in a world that cannot give knowledge
where wisdom cannot be sought out
where truth has not been spoken
where reality was passed over
for the idea of a liar?

That which consumes is a cancer
and they who govern such
are dealers of the most deadly drug
of ignorance

That which provides and creates is life
and they who offer their gifts
are dealers in life
as is the whole of the universe

It is the great wisdom of man that is utter darkness
It is the great knowledge of man that is total ignorance

Look and you shall find a humble man of nothingness
yet he is written in the book of life

Look and you shall find a forgotten woman
yet she is known among the stars

Right before our eyes
are the global founders of consumption
in every moment of our lives…
See how they hate the artist
the musician
the philosopher
the drifter
the dreamer
the thinker
the non-conformist
the non-religious
the non-participant in consumerism?

But o how we want what they have
but o how we desire what we think we want
but o how we think what we will to do and to get
but o how we will what we scheme to plan and aquire
but o how we scheme what we arrogantly believe to be better
for ourselves

Who will give up himself and his own life
in order to find life?

Mankind is a vessel of the ignorant
praised higher and higher for those who are deeper in stupor
sailing into the eternal abyss
of death dealing self righteousness
taught to sternly obey the ideals of stupidity
as though it is the Voice of God

And as our history consistently reveals
our violent disposal of every voice of life
will anyone take note?

See what happens when you kill off all the strong of a pack
scattered to the wind they are then
where even prey can overtake the rest

There is a power beneath us all
who has overtaken the remnant of Eden
see how it has shown all to be glitter and gold?
see how it has given lies as knowledge?
foolishness as wisdom?
death as life?
killing as saving?

See how we work and toil
under the whip of they who are our prey?
yet enslaved to darkness we are
worshipping and bowing to that who has no right to our name

enam beleitholitus deritori enculpitula

It is not a lion who roars upon the wind of brutality
but a worm to be buried into the ground
under the feet of the children of the universe
thrown into the fire of truth
and everlasting life

Our enemy is death
and death is not of our lineage
nor is it a master of our spirit
it is a master of decay alone

For our Spirit came from life that formed us
as we are alive we are proof itself
even our weakened flesh is given life
even our limited mind is given awe
even our deafened ears concentrate to hear the dawn of peace
as our blinded eyes search the horizon of possibility
to discover the truth we forgot

I must vomit out the poison I swallowed
for even my forefathers did partake in the
lie of nakedness

I judge not my brother who has been deceived as I
but in judgement do I stand with authority of they who lied
and of the lie itself
as my Authority is Life
and my Master the Originator of Life itself

Truly we know not what we do

I must deny what I want to believe is true
I must deny what I want to accept as good

I must deny the Ignorance

Ryan o0o


All Words
Copyright © 2005-2015 Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios

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PhotoCredit- Pixabay