Some people take pride in their appearance
Some people curse their appendages
Some walk in the ways of judgement
Proclaiming their will above all
as the word of the Most High

How can we accept the words of darkness
spoken from the mouth of one who curses another
as the righteous words of life?

Has it occurred to no one
that in our tiny place among the stars
we have countless life
all different
all unique
even amongst ones own kind
that there is no other exactly alike?

Who but they in darkness can not see such diversity?
Who but they in darkness can not see it is all life?
Who but they in darkness can not see
it has all come from the same Masterful source of life?

Yet a man or a woman will feel in their heart
that they have spoken in light
to say that another must not look as they wish to look
must not dress as they wish to dress
must not adorn their own bodies as they wish
must not alter themselves as they desire!

Who was given the body of another
to say such curses in darkness?
Was it not the Most High who gave the body
to the one who dwells within it?
Do we own the spirit of life that exists
as a Living Thing
Inside the body of another?

Do we own the flesh that houses the Spirit
that walks every step of their own life
inside their own skin?
Or do they?

Has it been given to us
To command the blood inside another?
To command the bones inside another?
To command the mind, the will, the liberty of another?

Truly I sit here now
and no other sits with me
and I raise my arm as I do
and I move my feet as I will
and there is no other flesh here
who can say what it is I should do or not do
Nor can their ever be

For One Greater than ALL who walk the earth
has given unto me my own flesh
my own blood
my own muscle and bone
my own hair
and housed within is my spirit
Given Authority to direct my steps

All who look upon another and curse them for their appearance
dwell in darkness
taken from them are the eyes to see beauty

All who look upon another and curse them for their choice
of their own body and their own adornment
dwell in utter darkness and prideful bitterness

They who say that another is an ugly beast
are themselves an ugly beast in their own heart
for they have chosen that which they wish to see and judge
of the Masters Creation

as evil

And they who say that another is a whore
shall come to know themselves as a whore among many nations
for they have already sold the dominion of their own flesh
to the dark underworld of ridicule and conformity of man

Many have fallen to the sickness of mankind
through murder and suicide
because of the judgement of man
that they should have been as another approves

Many have carried the cross of another
paid the price for the sins of another
and bore the shame of another who cursed the sovereignty
of the flesh.

Do we think so blindly that these things will not return to us?
Do we think that our very own words of condemnation of another
will not be remembered?
If we were to think such a thing
then we would have to admit now that our own words mean NOTHING
and our own mouths should be shut
because we are lower than fools and less than the speechless worm.

But indeed we ourselves believe our words of cursing have merit
and we speak them into the ears of another
to bring about our own pride
and to debase another with our judgement.

Therefore our wish of making our words important on earth
has been granted also in Heaven
(If it were not so, we would have nothing to say unto the world)
and ALL we have said about our brothers and sisters
will return to us.

If we spend our lives blessing
we shall receive blessing

And woe to us all
who have spent our life cursing and judging and mocking another
for their God Given appearance
and their God Sanctified custodianship of their own bodies

For we shall receive what we have given
Mark those words
in them are three meanings

It can be again as it once was
that we peer into the mirror before us
and see the beautiful life put before us
and witness the light in our eyes
and bare our own testimony of the gift given to us
of our own bodies
fearing them not nor wishing them to be as another
nor shall we carry the crime of another
knowing that they themselves harbor the shame
of their own secret disapproval

Ryan o0o


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Copyright © 2005-2014 Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
Painting/Image curtesy Pixaby

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