In the reasoning of individuality

and responsibility to our relationships

is an entire dimension of human experience.

To be sure of our purpose requires from us
our own truths
which are undefinable by words
and placed squarely upon our own shoulders
absent from outside opinion.

How does one share in their own truths within
while offering them to others
without clouding the experience of another
or themselves?

Impossible to tell.

The very best way I have seen,
yet it is my own perception,
is that method expressed by others
in the form of art.

The proverbs, the prose, the music, the parable and the legend
all house the intent of passing on information
into an area of the human psyche
without hindering the individual experience of the listener
and offering a central common experience with which both may relate
by the use of such metaphors.

The truth itself is unwordable (also a made up word)
but it is hoped the concept expressed
would derive enough energy to the receiver
that they themselves would discover
their own truth by the way of their spirits understanding.

Thus I shall impart a simple concept to express a belief I have about our existence in relationship to ourselves, and to others. The purpose of which is to share in an idea shared also by others that I have found great freedom in.  Wether real or imagined… it breaks no natural laws of the universe or of any God with which I have studied.

There is a place that is yours and belongs to no other.
It is where you feel you are yourself. It is a position in which you are aware that all which you desire is with you, all which you require is with you, and all that you do not wish for is far from you. It matters not what these things are, for they are different for each person. What does matter, is that in your place, all of your “belongings” are there. It is your room in the mansions of existence, and it belongs to you alone. Some would call it your spirit, some would call it your life, some would call it the awareness of your individuality. One master said… In my Fathers house are many rooms.
For the purpose of these post, I will call it your “domain”.

Each and every person has their own domain. In every persons domain are the items of life and death that belong to that person. In terms of the animal kingdom this is not a difficult concept to agree upon, and we often respect the domain of each animal knowing that to interfere with what is theirs may lead to our own demise, especially if it is a Bear or a Lion. But among our human peers do we ourselves continually express what is ours to others in order to relate to one another about the nature of our own existence. This action allows us to find our brothers and sisters and lovers and friends who have “rooms” nearer to ours then to others. By doing so we find a family of people who are similar in spirit to ourselves.

As children, we are born with what is already ours. Our inheritance is already with us, and the proof of this is that we are already an individual person. We are a baby, and already separate from anyone else. Thus we are given already that which is ours, our own spirit, our own body, our own life path, our own awareness, our own ability to learn, our own talents. But as a baby we do not know the language of humans. So we are taught these things in order to relate. How we are taught these things is by those near us to who share with us THEIR domain. Our mothers and fathers tell us what is good and what is bad according to their own Domain. Our teachers and our schoolmates tell us what is right and wrong according to their domain. On television we see what the consensus believes to be desirable and not desirable. And so we begin to try to interact with the many domains that are around us.

The problem here is that our delivery method does not take into account the fact that every individual has spiritual rights afforded them by God. We insist for instance that a child may learn the religious practices of our own faiths, otherwise we may deem them as rebellious and judge them as not worthy of God’s love. This is ridiculous to the nature of God by it’s very first concept. God already granted approval by giving you what is already yours. The domains of others are imposed upon us as the “way of life” that is right by those who have their own concepts and their own domains. If we do not comply, we are punished, and if we do comply, we are rewarded. The more we comply, often, the more we gather popularity by the many others who also complied to the larger human domain made up by those before us that we call Civilization.

Here is where we can get lost. So Imagine that your domain is a circle. All inside that circle is what you truly are. Everyone else has their own circle. Then, when learning, people give to you what is in their circle, and hope for you to add it to yours. The problem is this… you cannot add to your own circle what does not belong to you. You can only pretend to be what you think you are supposed to be, but you are not that thing that wasn’t already yours. Likewise someone cannot give you something that is in their circle… otherwise they will lose it for it is no longer in their circle. What we can do though is to enter into someone elses circle or domain when invited to do so. We can also allow others into our domain when we invite them in. It is no different then opening the door of your house and allowing someone to enter it. But when we try to do what we believe is right by how we are taught, we have actually left our own house and entered the house of someone elses spirit, talent, gifts, ideas and concepts of life.

When entering someone’s home, we see their furnishings, their walls, their pictures on the wall, their living rooms, kitchen, bedrooms, and the results of their own life. This is the same as when we enter another’s domain. We know in the home that these people have far far greater knowledge about their possessions then we do. We would not presume to tell another what their photograph of their father means to them. We already know that they are much more aware of their relationship to that picture then we could ever image. And so when in others home, we learn from them what their possessions mean to them by their input. To try and tell them what is right and what is wrong about their own possessions would quickly get us thrown out of their home. If we say… everything in this house is evil for it goes against me… would land us in the grass outside.

Yet this is precisely what happens to us as children. We are expected to enter into another’s domain, learn of their concept, comply with that concept and all that is within our domain that is deemed unacceptable by our parents, our churches, our schools and our environment is ridiculed and cursed or condemned. The purpose of childhood is awesome, and indeed our parents are to offer us the wisdom of their experience… but when there is the loss of our own integrity and the removal of ourself from our domain… then our experience has done us a dis-service.

Then we grow and become middle aged wondering what we have done with our life. Then we look one day and see ourselves doing to our own children that which we swore we would never do. Then we find ourselves beating on the bar getting drunk wondering why we have no sense of self respect. This is all because we have been living within someone else’s domain, or some thing else’s domain. We do not need to curse our parents, our schools, our religions, or our society to redeem ourself. All we need do is to return to that which is our own domain. “Unless you become like these little children… you shall not inherit the kingdom of God”. Little children still live in their domain… and so they have what God has already given to them.

To be in an others domain eventually becomes uncomfortable. Just like visiting a friend… it is fun to be in their home and live among them for a while, but if we stayed we would soon want to return to our own home, and so would they. This is not the same within the concept of domain though. Other people seem to want more people to live and feel in accordance to what they have in their own domain. The more we see others like us, it tends to give us a feeling of security… if we are not self secure. This though can only happen if the domain that another is living in is already not their own. When they are in their own domain… they do not need others to accept it, or approve of it… but they do enjoy sharing it in a manner that does not impose it upon others. This is vital to knowing if you are where you belong.

There are many freedoms from visualizing the concept of Domain. Once you realize that your spirit and your life is God given… or Universally Given… or naturally given (whatever works for you)… then you can also realize that this is true for others. Once you adapt this idea to the concept of someone elses home… you will realize the futility in fighting with another person. For instance…. Mike Tyson was an amazing Boxer. He OWNED that boxing ring by his efforts and talents. If I enter into HIS domain… I will be pulverized. It is not that I lack the heart… it is not that I lack intent or knowledge or will, it is not that I would even lack skill at boxing… But I could never own that which another has in greater proportion. It is not about fairness or equality… but about individuality and talent… which is given to all righteously.

We already know we would not presume to tell another what their possessions mean to them. Yet the world goes about telling everyone what domain they should be living in. We may speak to a friend, and we tell them that we do not think it is proper that they dress the way they do. We tell them that we think it is inappropriate and causing lust within others and therefore they are going against God by dressing so. The person we are telling obviously has no issue with how they dress… yet we somehow believe that unless they live in our domain… they are wrong and evil and sinning or just stupid etc. The problem is we ourselves are not living in our own domain… and perhaps neither are they… and nothing of the truth has been shared between the two. So then we may think that our friend is a bad influence on others.. and we therefore cut them out of our life dismissing their own life.

If we have the right to dismiss another life… then another has the right to dismiss ours. If we have the right to tell another how they should be… then another has the right to tell us how we should be. If we are CORRECT in assuming so… then so is our enemy CORRECT in attacking us. Our pride says… “there is only ONE way unto God, or ONE way that is right”…. and yes… that is “the way that leads to death”. By understanding the concept of Domain… in a fuller sense… we find the peace and freedom in the wisdom that we no longer need to fight anyone.

We would not challenge Mike Tyson to a fight. Yet anytime we enter another’s domain… and try to pick a fight with them about what is theirs… we will get our asses handed to us every time. We always lose. With people, it can often be a stalemate… because they themselves are also not in their own domain. But if you believe in spirits… if you believe in the devil or some similar version of good and evil… then you should know that to enter into the domain of the devil… you will not win. It is their domain, and they know everything about evil… and you know nothing about evil. Death only enters into our domain once in our life… at our physical death. All spiritual death or emotional death or intellectual death comes from us entering one of the many domain’s of death. WHen we are in that domain, we may believe we are in our own domain… but that is the trick of the death… to convince you to desire what is dead and not true. This is the legend of Eve.

By returning to our “home”… we are returned to everything that is ours. In my own domain… I am not agitated, in doubt, worried, stressed, hurt, angry, fearful or uncomfortable. My own domain is peaceful, loving, blissful, packed with opportunity, warm, welcoming, enjoyable and passionate. If I enter the domain of Anger… I will be burned by that anger deeply… and it will sear into my very soul… because it is not my domain, and I do not have power over it. Anger belongs to another… and they are master of their domain, as I am master of my own.

Some people will believe that we can overlap domains… and this is what a partnership or friendship is. I do not believe this to be true. I believe that ONLY two who in love… couple with one another… can overlap their circles into each other. Thereby defining the meaning that “the two shall become on flesh”. It also states that a man leaves his father (his domain) and his mother (her domain) and joins (now with his own domain alone) with his wife… etc. This tells me that in a proper sense… all that our teachers give us, we must leave, in order to re-connect with our sole individuality… so that we may successfully join with another. If I live by ALL that my father taught me… then I am giving my father to my wife… not me. If I live by ALL that my mother taught me… then I am giving my mother to my wife… not me. Many items that are true in my fathers domain, are also true in my own. Many items that are in my mothers domain… are also in my own. But I had these things at birth… as so did they. We both learned a language by which to communicate such concepts… and therefore discover what we both share. My mother cannot give me what is not mine… I can only enter into her domain… and try to live there uncomfortably. So in time… I tested all things, proved all things… not to the truth of the universe… but to the truth of my own God given domain.

Therefore none of my previous lovers, or wife’s could have ever been a success… because I was still living within the domain of others. I still believed I was to be as I was instructed, and I still punished myself when I did not do as instructed. Plus I did have to witness the dis-approval of others when I did not comply. Now, returning to my own domain… I am not in need of such things as approval of others. I do not respect others less because of this… but I respect them more… for they too do not need my own approval. When I realize I cannot win a fight inside another’s domain… I cease fighting with them. When I realize that in my own domain there is no fighting… I then know that if I find myself fighting… it is because I am trying to create my OWN domain inside someone elses domain. And this is futile. There is NOTHING “wrong” in my domain… so when I feel wrong… it is because I have entered the domain of another. And I CAN leave.

There are people who are slaves. In fact many people are. But this is only true to the fact that they believe their domain to be what was given to them by man. What God has given to you, is what is yours… and the way of the world leads you away from you and into itself. If a man strikes me… i will feel the pain upon my cheek… this cannot be helped. The problem then is one of spirit… and if I enter into his domain… I will lose. If I remain in my own, he has no power over me, only over my flesh. But if I do enter his domain… he also has power over my spirit. For that place of anger, and hatred is HIS domain… and not mine.

If each person found respect for their own life… ALL of our worlds problems would vanish. Each of us would already know what is right and what is wrong in our own selves, and we would not wish to share anything but that which we already love unto another. Perhaps we love fighting… but then only others who also love fighting would draw near to us, and we would not want to fight with someone who does not want to fight. We cannot respect and love our own domain… while condemning another’s theirs. There is only God, or nature, or the universe, that has such wisdom to discern the Hearts (domain) of man. We only have the power to discern our own… but this is a greatness that most of us have forgotten is truly ours.

Deep inside everyone.. is already their truth about who and what they are. Returning to those things is how we return to our domain… and by doing so we leave the domains of others that we have been dwelling in. It is in our own SPirit that we shall find what it is we are looking for. We shall not find our possessions… in the house of another.

May you all be blessed to know.
“To thine own self be true”
“The truth shall set you free”

Ryan o0o


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