Nobody ever won a Humility Contest.

If there is no God, you’ll need a better job.

I have never argued my disbelief in the tooth fairy.

You can’t really hurt someone who already expects you will.

Why do I know more of what you want from me, then I do of who you are?

The best advice I ever heard was “Shut Up”

The people of least worldly value have been the most valuable people to me.

I cannot make my own life worth living, I will live no matter what I do.
It has been other people who make it a worth while life.

Marriage is the only earthly institution I still believe in.

I have no idea why nothing about cooking interests me.

I will never deny my desire for intimacy. To do so is like trying to hide my desire for sleep.

Expectation is the mother of all time consumption.

The rarest thing I ever found will always be completely unknown to anyone else.

The surest way to avoid something, is to obligate yourself to it.

If I hadn’t married the most beautiful woman in the world, everything about me would be a lie.

Passion is all that matters to me, everything else is accounting.

If we would all stop sharing what we think is so interesting, we would become far more interesting people!

When all is said and done, it appears that most people just want to see or hear something pretty.

Oddly enough, it has been my love for another that has made me a greater warrior.

I have discovered that those I don’t miss, are those I don’t love.

2:22 always reminds me of my wife’s love for me.

Sex is to be given, not gotten.
2 who give find secrets no one can or will ever teach.

Nobody actually cares about the opinions of others,
they care about their opinion of the opinions of others.

I like people who try to create life.
people who try to control it are boring to me.

I have yet to affect the outcome of a football game.

I laugh offline too

Ryan o0o


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