It would take me longer to recite all that I remember
then there is time in this life.

It would require a thousand years
to share what is contained within.

What to pick, what to choose, what to express?

The rocky sandy colored platue and mountains
surrounded on three sides the lake with the tree.

The valley alone was green
the tree an odd placement at the head of the lake!

we ran, you hid, I found, you laughed.
Ahh to discover your hides fallen along the way.
I gathered your braces and feathers,
how barely a ripple you wore in the water.

The wisdom in my mind told me that this is great love.
The GrandFather has shown me all life giving beauty in you.
Even the crow admires your dark hair
Even the water caresses your skin.

How terrible in such a light
That the sun had it’s way.

They came to drink and to kill
as we washed and loved and played.

Three to my One I could not withstand
Painted warriors all.

Why in our land?
Why in our place?
Why at this time alone?
Even the buffalo cannot be found to move.

I feel your hand at my back
you give grace in this touch
my arms outstretched
gritting teeth
before the fall.

Ehliahna (my love always with you)

The rest is unspeakable as you know.

Ryan o0o


Copyright © 2013
Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
All Rights Reserved

“Indian Summer” painting by Colleen Ranney – used with permission