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Dedicated to all the brave Men and Women who live on the extreme!

This tune is an old idea from a previous band of mine called Singapore Sling. The singer Michael Vorce and I wrote it together years ago and had worked out some of the details. Now I have added elements for another friend of mine, Dave. He has a certain sensibility and edge that is only found in extreme gamers. Whether they are skate boarders, skiers, mountain bikers or video gamers, this song is about that certain mental twist found within them all. I think it is about living on the edge. If you watch the X-Games on television or go to them and meet some of the participants you will find an extreme personality behind the actions. That personality is filled with youth and vibrancy and a willingness to explore the boundaries of human determination. There is a singular wit within the extreme community that has always made me laugh to the point of tears. Just the unique vocabulary alone among the gamers of every realm is awesome. I hope they enjoy this tune as much as I enjoy watching and hearing about their personal conquests. And as Dave had taught me, GET OFF MY CONQUER!


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