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REGRETS (Alternative Version with VOCALS) by Ryan Ranney from the Album “A Manic Moment”


Regret is one of the hardest emotions to live with. The elderly often say that they do not regret the choices they made in life, but that they regret the things they did not do. When I feel regret it reminds me of all the things I had not yet shared with those I loved in life. My Wife reminds me often with her Poetry how Important it is to express our heart with others. It is the others in our life that creates family. This song is for them. To let them know that I had not forgotten the lessons they taught me, the joy they shared with me, or the inner person they are. I will never be able to express to them all individually the meaning that was added to my life through them. This tune is one way to communicate that. And since regret is not a good place for me to live today, it was important to write a song that let out those feelings within, which were so haunting. Today I strive to reveal my inner person as much as possible, and to give love to those I know as freely as it was given to me. My time with people was not in vain.


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