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Here is a very straightforward and important piece of my life.  Before my marriage now most of my experiences with the fairer sex was based on their predatory natures.  Instinct and self will often won out over conscience and love.  I do believe that no matter how anyone is, there is someone out there who is a good mate for them.  As for myself, without the humble truth of my own desires directing the way, I would attract the predatory types who wanted something I had, rather than wanting the real me.  I wrote this tune to remind myself that even though relationships based on images can start off very soft and beautiful… they soon boom into a deep powerful heart of the real motives.  This is the heart of a predator even when they are unaware of their predatory nature.  As a man it required as much self honesty as possible in order to give way to a woman who could also expose all these parts of herself in such a manner that we could find agreement within our light and dark natures.


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