Paranormal Paranoia


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This tune is about two aspects of fear. The first aspect is the unwanted real sense of fear. The second aspect is the voluntary spook or rush we feel from scary movies and television shows about UFOs and the paranormal. The unwanted fear in this song is routed in the gut wrenching paranoia I have experienced within my life. There were times when I was scared and afraid of my actions, of the consequences, of the harm to my soul. There needed to be an expression about the demons that have followed me through life, and how I lived in fear of the devil, ghosts, poltergeists, witches, religion, spirits, and the unknown. If something couldn’t be explained rationally, the fear would overwhelm me. It is like that feeling you have when you walk into a dark old house. For most of us that feeling is accompanied by a very dark animal sense of preservation. For me it is like a lion protecting his pride. Now that I no longer live with these fears, it can be expressed properly in song. On the lighter side is entertainment. I love television shows like “The X-Files” and shows about the paranormal. I love how it makes us wonder about realities beyond our own. How many levels of existence are there in this great universe? Though the sensation can be overwhelmingly scary at times, it still fills me with excitement to dream.


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