Mom and Me


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My mother is a very beautiful and graceful woman.  When I was a child, she would put on a record album of some adult contemporary artist at the time and go about singing along and cleaning the house.   She had a soulful voice with lots of emotion.   Since she preferred having a very clean and tidy home, we had music playing almost every day.  I created this tune because it is very much like the music she used to enjoy and listen to.  Often she would teach me things like how to peel potatoes or was dishes or use the vacuum correctly.  We did these laborious tasks with a houseful of melodic and sweeping musical overtures.  It made the time pass quickly and obviously left a lasting impact on me.  I wanted to thank my mother for all of her influence on my life and the lessons she taught me over the years.  It was my hope that she would hear the grace I tried to incorporate into this song and know that it was a reflection of her grace I admired all through my life.  Thank you Mom for also for exposing me to the gift of music.


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