Los Angeles


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This tune speaks for itself. I spent 8 years in Los Angeles. There are so many levels to that city. I wanted to capture each level as best I could. The drums represent the driving industry required to support the city itself, including all the law firms and food industries and support industries for Los Angeles as a whole, etc. The Bass guitar represents the underlying power that controls all things in LA. It symbolizes the real movers and shakers, which are more private then public. The Bass is not very audible, yet if you remove it, the whole song falls apart and has a gaping hole. The Slick Lead Guitars represent the entertainment industry from movies to music. It is all that polishing and primping and glitz that is Hollywood. I love a good show! The Spanish Guitars represent the history of Los Angeles. It has been and always will be rooted in Spanish western flare and culture. What an awesome sense one gets in Los Angeles of the entire Mexican population’s ability to live life with good song, good food, and good family. There is also a very pensive emotion to the song that represents the crime and villainy that accompanies such a large city. I even added some guitar sirens for the law enforcement that never gets to rest. In the end all the levels sound together. At first it seems too jumbled, but the more you listen to it, the more it comes together wonderfully.


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