In the Beginning


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This tune was made out of gratitude.  It is an acknowledgement of the origins of life and the power behind the creation of that life.  All cultures have some form of God or gods that they attribute to the creation of the earth, the heavens, the waters, plants and animals.  For that reason I tried to create each layer of this tune to attest to those beliefs.  The low opening drums signifies the old tribal beliefs and stories from Africa to the middle east.  The opening keyboards signifies the various beliefs of the Orient and far east.  The opening guitars that follow are for all the European and western beliefs.  The solo guitars are reflective of my own personal relationship with a Creator.  Combining the powers of everyones perspective on this idea we call God, it was my hope to write one cohesive piece of music.  With all the beauty in all the universe I find gratitude for the teachings and wisdom of every culture and their input in my own relationship to the origins of Life as we know it.


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