Imminent Danger


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There is a duty all people feel towards security. If they are in the Armed Forces there is a sense of honor and duty to protect those they serve and to take whatever action is required to put an end to anything that proposes harm, to stop the process. The same is true within a home or a village or a job. When we as humans are faced with immanent danger most of us feel that urge toward instinct to survive whatever the cost. For myself it is a feeling that starts with anger and then moves past it into duty and instinctual animal passion. I am not there to judge the aggressor or to say they are good or bad. I am only there to put and end to whatever it is they are doing. So far, everyone I have spoken to about this has shared that they also know this human condition. There is a great deal of will at work though it is an automatic response. Rocky Balboa had this instinct in spades; the eye of the tiger.


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