Ghosts of Scotland


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This song is about the great hills and valleys of Scotland where many men and women have died to protect their freedom. Whenever I see those awesome hills and clouds, I can feel the history there. I can sense the devastating loss of life and the ultimate sacrifice each person made. I also feel deeply that those lands are sacred to the universe in all their beauty. When I close my eyes, I can almost hear those people crying out still. Some in gratitude that they died free, some in mourning over those they had lost so long ago. And though many terrible things were done to a man from another, the land is glorious still. I had never known how I wanted to express these feelings in song. Literal months went by as I dwelled upon the idea, but nothing ever came to me. One morning when I awoke, the entire song was in my head. I could hear it all. I rushed into the studio and 12 hours later the whole song was done. It really feels like this music was given to me in the night.


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