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This score may seem self explanatory but it is far more important to me than the outward appearance.  I have always loved the story of Adam and Eve.  The potential and blessing set before them to live a life in paradise together, harmoniously, inspired me always.  I knew that Eve must have been the most beautiful woman on earth being created specifically for the splendour of womankind.  As a man myself, I have always had an idea in my own soul and mind of what a perfect and beautiful woman would be for my own life.  This came to me long ago in a dream when I was a child.  I saw before my eyes a full grown adult woman who walked up stated that she was here on earth waiting for me.  Sadly every woman I have ever known was compared to that image and dream and none of them truly had a chance in connecting to all of me, body, mind and soul.  So in 2005, after recording this tune, I ended almost every part of my life and set out to be completely honest with myself about the dream that never faded.  In walked a woman shortly there after who embodied everything I knew about the spirit of women from my dream.  Years later when we met face to face, I was able to see with my own eyes that she also appeared exactly the same in the flesh… right down to minor details.   We have been together ever since.  I believe in finding our own Eve… the woman of our dreams, the one we loved long ago and still love today and will love forevermore.  I created this tune to gather the strength and courage to set out on that adventure and find the woman who is now my wife and spiritually was always.


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