Cookin’ the Noodle


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Here you get to meet my mind. Since the awesome guitar style of Joe Satriani had such an impact on me, my musical mind has never been the same. This is how I write a song today. It starts with a layer of noise in my own voice, and then another layer is added and so on. Eventually it turns into real instruments rather then vocal babble. Basically these are the types of things I hear all the time. Rattling around in my head, is tune after tune. Sometimes when others are speaking to me they are even drowned out by the layers of vocal doodling scraping the inner surface of my noggin. It is an actual effort to listen some times. I wanted to share the process of how I create so that anyone who is so graced with the inner ear infection of constant music will see that it is really a gift. Most people hear music as well from the radio and so on. Some of us hear as-of-yet unrecorded music. We are just the tools to get that music out to the physical world. I believe all music exists already, and that it is our job as musicians just to present it to the world. Hopefully this tune, even though annoying, will get as stuck in your head as it was in mine.


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