Burning Man


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Dedicated to the BURNING MAN FESTIVAL and my buddy TIM OLSEN

There is a festival in the desert called Burning Man. Many people from many places get together. Because of the multi-populace blending, I wanted to add many of the images and sounds I have seen there. Though there aren’t any Native American Indian chants actually recorded in this song, if you listen close enough, you can hear them. To me, it is a release of my mind, body and spirit from their diversities into one being. To accept myself as whom I am to be today.

It took me a while to come up with the initial guitar hook of this tune, but then I was inspired by a good friend of mine, Tim Olsen. Tim always made me laugh with his particular personality. One day we were walking to a car and he stepping into a sticker patch bare footed. As the pain reached his mind he screamed out “OUCH” loudly and then quietly proceeded into the automobile without another word. The guitar squeals of this song is all about my friend and his unique form of handling life. He is also the one responsible for teaching me new swear words. My friend Tim has always reminded me of the Burning Man, for his personal trials and sense of humor, and even the way he looks when angry.


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