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AWAKENING – This is about Spiritual Awakening. When a person realizes for the first time that they are not the center of the universe. When I realized that my own self-importance was killing me, it was a brilliant day. The world became beautiful again to my eyes, to my ears, to my heart. When I felt that I no longer needed to judge another man or woman, I knew that my spirit was awakening. The energy that builds up in this song is like the energy that I felt flowing in after I let go of my own need for approval and my old desire to condemn others for not living as I thought they should. But it is just a beginning. In the song I tried to express even the self-anger one feels during the process of letting go of old ideas and motives. Along with that I wanted there to be an excitement filling the air that follows some of the disassembling. There are many layers to this song. All of them have significance and importance. The main focus was to try to express the feeling of one taking a journey into a new realm of being. – In honor, Colleen Ranney painted a special work of art she also called “Awakening”. Thank you Colleen.


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