A Manic Moment


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The title song of the Album. It is more of a bipolar moment. The album is titled A Manic Moment because of the frame of mind I am in when recording. I first get an emotional sense of the tune, with all its deep personal impacts and meanings. Then I get excited about the different parts that are added and how they sound to me. Then there follows all out mania while I am recording. I won’t stop until the song is done. Sometimes I will be up for 30 hours straight working on one tune, smoking cigarettes and drinking mountain dew the entire time. As the hours pass, the mania will increase moment to moment until there seems to be a sense of finality. My focus is very deep during these times and it is almost impossible to take me to a different reality while there. Music is where I live. I believe all artists are aware of this in themselves. And though this is one example of musical mania, the song itself describes my inner workings about all things in general. This is the mental process I go through pretty much on a daily basis until it is time to sleep. It is situational as well, even though each day seems to get more energetic for me from beginning to end. Each day does hold some great moments of peace, passion, forgiveness, excitement, awe, wonder and all out MANIA!


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