El-air devolition pontelegrio
In Familia
Bestowed upon thee is grace.

Is it not so that lover stands with lover?

Like two trees sharing the earth beneath them
Their roots firmly interwound
Embracing in the nourishment of darkness?

Like two trees sharing the very sky
Their branches reaching to the heavens
Holding arm to arm in support should one fall?

Like two trees capturing the summer rains
Their leaves swaying together as a song
Kissing one another as they pass?

Who can sit a spell and watch in humility
Without seeing the peace and prowess
Of two trees that stand together?

Together their leaves fall in autumn
Together their bark hardens in winter
Together their greenery blooms in spring
And in summer they witness the Storms of life all around them.

Yet between them is peace, long suffering, longevity, protection, safety and security.

See how the little wild things leap from one to the next harvesting.
See how the birds of the air build their nests to raise their young.
See how the Lion rests in the shade.
And the hunted animal goes to them to hide from danger.
Even the tiny crawlers march up and down to seize life abundant in the trees.

Is this not as it should be among Lovers?

Laolia baestamible infrotible eterniterotsi

As the walls of the castle rise
And the battlements speak of arrows
We shall know of something more for a greater time.
We shall know of the passages.

Our secrets do rest in the ancient earth
Filling our veins with life giving waters
Stretching out in all directions is the foundation
Of these who love without a need to be anything else.

We who are of the elder stock
Hunted by men to build their houses
Hunted by women to pluck our fruits
Spread the seed of our silent witness to all winds of the earth.

And even words shall not know of that,
Until a Forest grows to overwhelm the senses.

Yes Lovers are to be as these very things
Rising together and sharing in all that they are
Bound to one another by life itself
Exposing their desire for the heavens
And their requirements of the rain and air
With their roots buried deep in sacred intimacies.

Without such protected, peaceful sanctuary between them
They shall fall by the will of man and the want of women.


Ryan o0o


Painting “Fall” ©2011 by Colleen Ranney – Used by Permission

Copyright © 2013
Ryan-Ranney – Ranney-Studios
All Rights Reserved