It’s like an unseen mountain
blocking the view of life beyond.

It’s like an unknown alien
who convinced me I am him.

I believe the origin of our desire
is due to its gift.
So there the foe.

I find a truth in me
and all of life grew dark

Another finds a truth in her
and all of life grew dark

We find a truth together
and all of darkness approaches
to steal the truth

Our greatest fear
is our greatest gift

Our deepest secret
is our soul’s destiny

Within the wrath of my fear
is the original desire of love
as the voice hears riddles
that passion may be misdirected.

I am not of these things I feel
that I do not like.

I am of the things I feel
that I do like.

There is no law nor moral nor ethic nor principle
that may hold the right to dictate my desires
save that the lie of the tyrant.
How wrought our world is with them?

And with their axe of Shame
they slaughter beautiful sacredness
and passionate blessings.

Yet before us is a bridge connecting our two worlds
that darkness wishes to blind us from.
The crossing of such a bridge
is unlike any pleasure on earth
and it joins two sacred houses into one
it connects two powerful kingdoms into one.

To stand upon the bridge
is to feel and smell the cool carress
of life giving waters
flowing beneith our feet
teaming with life.

And we never stand alone upon the bridge
admiring the depths
for both leaders of both lands
meet together there
and invite each other
to explore each others kingdoms.

All that my Kingdom lacks to create a feast
can be found in her Kingdom
even as all that her Kingdom lacks to create a feast
can be found in mine.

We leave our homes
and the sanctuary of our minds
to dwell in temporary booths over there
to set up the tabernacle within their borders.

The doing of such
is glory to Life itself
in the greatest of fellowship imaginable

Hang a Lamp upon the Bridge
to burn forever by the daily lighting and care.

I will not stand on the edge of my Borders
exploiting and exibiting them
just for the drawning of others to desire the fruits over here.
I will not bring light to myself.

Hang the lamp Upon the bridge
Where two or more cross over and stand
so that even in darkness
it is as a lighthouse beacon
guiding us all
back over to the comfort of other kingdoms.

I will hang a Lamp upon that Bridge
in order to dissapate the darkness
of the lie of fear.

This is the Intimate Journey.

You are so beautiful
with me.

Ryan o0o


(Painting “Welcome Home” ©2011 by Colleen Ranney – used with permission)

Copyright © 2013 Ryan Ranney / Ranney Studios
All Rights Reserved