What more is from a God than the expressions of Love?
What more do we discover in life than the uncovering of Love?

To be raised by parents one can know the dedication of Love
To parent a child one can know the innocence of Love
To share with a brother one can know the Unity of Love
To help a friend one can know the care of Love
To aid a stranger one can know the duty of Love
To forgive an enemy one can know the power of Love
To seek a God one can journey into Unconditional Love

It has been said that there is no love that encompasses everything except the Agape love of a Higher Power, a God or a Master of the Universe.

It has been said that the Divine Love, the ALL love, spoken about since ancient times, comes from the Original Creator directly.

Bestowed upon us is another love so akin to the fullness of love that is has been given it’s own name. It is the Eros Love, the Passionate Love, the Eccentric voyage into all heights of the spirit, all senses of the heart and all depths of the flesh.

Who among us, found sane, has not felt the eternal motivation to seek out and discover the sensual bliss’s of a perfect and honest intimate eternity? Yet who among us can claim any sanity to this proposal at all? Eros love is so encompassing and so overwhelming to the experience of Humanity that it is indefinable, inexpressible and uncontrollable. Trillions of passages have been written, since the dawn of stories, to explore and examine what cannot be expressed without sharing the actual given act of perfect faithful erotic sharing.

One can only experience the Offering of Eros love by letting go of all control and allowing the power of Eros to guide our journey.

Those who fear to let go of control are those who say they are in no need of Eros.
Those who fear to allow another soul to join them will say they are in no need of love.
Those who fear to experience Eros are those who require limits.
Those who fear to be vulnerable are those who will experience limits.
Those who say Eros is merely a chemical reaction enforced to propagate the species….
HAVE NEVER really experience Eros.

Standing before our lovers we have such greatness in our very grasp. If we erase all the boundaries, release all the borders, open the chambers of our heart and touch the reality we have always secretly sought after, we then are given a great truth. We discover the limitless heavens and bottomless caverns and unrestricted knowledge of universal grace.

Within the foundations of Eros love are ALL the other principles of Love in Action; dedication, innocence, unity, care, duty, power and unconditional desire. Within the scope of Eros love are many other things normally found alone, but here in abundance and together such as bliss’s, passions, wants, desires, needs, cravings, hopes, discovery, pleasure, laughter, joy, awe and private exploration.

Who cannot say this is sacredly Divine? Who can stand and say this eternal dream of passion, found throughout All our histories, is anything but Divine Mercy and Tenderness?

I for one am not afraid of this great gift nor do I shame it in any way. What has been ordained, devoted and entrusted to us, Eros, is without a doubt the greatest of Love I know on the earth. It is the only doorway and pathway to the lesson that there is a God Love so powerful we could not comprehend it in any way. It is the experience that allows us to step one foot into the unexplainable love reality… and step back onto the earth wondering in awe at the prowess of it.

I cannot create the power of Eros alone.
Neither can my Lover.
Together as one we come to terms with the Eternal.

With all the majesty of the vast oceans and beaches, the power of the stars at night, the beauty of the growing things of the earth and the wonderment of all the living things, nothing causes me to Reach out and desire to know the Heart of the Creator as does the Awesomeness of Eros. It carries with it the highest authory of universal will and in every culture is a cornerstone to their origin myths. Indeed it may be one of the last stories we tell also.

Eros is Divine, of this I have no doubt.

Ryan o0o


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