Beautiful is the word that has forgotten it’s meaning.
Beautiful is the meaning that has forgotten it’s importance.
Beautiful is the Importane that has forgotten our History.

I remember.
It shall never be forgotten by me in all the history of history.

What is beautiful to lovers can only be known to lovers.

All the days of my life I have known beauty.

I see it in the rock, in the trees, in the lakes, in the streams in the forests, in the mountains, in the animals in the wind in the storms and in the rain.
I see it in the smile, in the hug, in the effort, in the desire, in the help, in the want, in the playfullness, in the work, in the rest and in the sleep.

I see the beauty in the art, in the creations, in the music, in the inventions, in the progress, in the restraint from progress, in the heavens, in the stars, in the times of life and in the single moments of time.

There by all God had created is enourous beauty in everything in every place seen, felt, heard, dreamed, imagined, explore, discovered and unimagined as well.

There also is One such beauty that rises above all others in splendor of it’s very being.
Among all the forms of Love everlasting, shared, admired, expressed, given, accepted or otherwise grown is one Love of no equal on earth.

That is the love of everlasting Beautifulness found rested deep within our hearts that we have held for another long before we knew them, while we knew them and long after we knew them.

I myself have dreamd of such Beauty since my youth. Given in vision and thought and hope and wishes and dreamt in the night was this idea and form of a Woman unlike any other. Molded by the Eternal One to be in Soul and Spirit and heart and Flesh perfection, she has haunted my very days as a foundation of Love I could not ever deny.

Nothing on earth could equal the value of what is Beautiful shared in the very recessess and secret places of my heart for another. There is no level of freedom or redemption or mercy or bliss that can compare to the single touch of Love given and received by One so beautiful to all my history of all my days.

Oh I hear now some who would say that there is nothing so Beautful as the Love of God!
Some would proclaim that it is THIS love that I should express as Most Beautiful and not the love shared between lovers.

To them I say they are narrow in their vision and imperfect in their logic. It is by my very acknolagement of the perfect union of intimate bliss between two honest lovers that I formally proclaim the Evidence of God’s love and Proof of such worship of God in the very action of Lovemaking. Passion IS the Love of God.

It is not obvious to all that there has not been a more beautiful expression of Life on Earth than the love of one human for another? Indeed it is the union of the most beautiful act that creates LIFE itself and generates children and generations of life afterward. It is the only time when two are made ONE flesh.

I did not Create this profound fact of Love nor did my Lover. It was given to us by the Eternal Spirit to share in something unquestionable in its Beautifulness. So long as I remain honest in that reflection of Desire in me and likewise my lover also, then we are expressing the very most High form of beautiful love upon the earth designed for us to experience.

So this I do find most beautiful. I find it most beautiful out of my love and respect and desire to know God and know of ALL the wonders set before me in the path of my life.

I shall not ever shame intimacy, I shall not ever be quiet about intimate matters, I shall not ever degrade my respect for the profound beauty and joy given to me by the Woman who shares my bed and my secrets. I would never turn away from any of the Joys and reflections of Love afforded humanity in our journey, especially that which is so Beautiful in Union it can never be spoken of with equal impact.

The Love of my Love life with the Love of my Life, My Woman, is Most Beautiful to me. Just as it has always been throughout ALL history.

Ryan o0o


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