What would you do if you knew
Your God had met you?

So here is the room
Inside the house
On top of the land
Covered with grass
Surrounded by trees
Inside a population
Traversing the land
Bordered by water
Encompassing the world
Supporting every living thing
On earth

Floating in space
Adorned by a moon
Lit by a star
With neighboring bodies
And multiple systems
Similar in like
To the tune of billions
Engulfed in a galaxy
With neighboring galaxies
Similar to ours
Surrounded by space
Inside a universe
Perceptable to us.

All in all are beautiful.

Surely if I had made such things
Each an every one I would know
Like I know my own face.

Surely I would come to you
At a store
During a walk
Sitting on the ground
Looking around
In secretive view
But right in your sight
I would say Hi
As you walked by.

I would wrestle a Lion and play with a shark and swim with the dolphins and walk with a dog and crawl with an ant and fly with a bird and offer you the door when you entered a room.

I would be what wasn’t seen
As I stood before you.

I would be what wasn’t heard
As I spoke to you.

I would be there to offer a laugh
Give you a pillow
Bring you a tea
Supply a moments rest
And ask you something you hadn’t thought of.

I would know every inch of every inch of land
And know every blade of every blade of grass
And know every secret of every secret treasure
And know every move you ever did make.
But still I would come visit you in person
Many times
With many faces
Or just one.

I could be anyone or any animal in your life
Without your knowing.
And walk with you through anything at any time
Without you seeing
I am there.

Even that idea that turned out to be silly
Was the very thing I gave you
To save you from your other choice
Unaware of the danger.

Perhaps I’m just the guy in the park
With the silly walking stick?

But this I would do if it were me
And what would you do
If you knew
Your God had met you?

Ryan o0o


Copyright © 2013
Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
All Rights Reserved