Ask yourself why?
What purpose there is to know a lie?

I will say what I know

War has been staged – FOR US
Complete with weapons of

Ask yourself again!

Who is it that supports your battle
but steals your victory?

Gain a foothold
Loose a loved one.

Gain an advantage
Suffer subversion.

Gain a Hope
Watch your resources fade.

Run and Hide… right into the enemies camp!

Stand and Fight… As your army flees behind you.
Leaving you alone to face your enemy.

Do you see this in your life?
Do you hear this in your prayers?
as you ask why!
Do you know this in your experience?

Wish to defend your rights
and see how you lose them.

Wish to defend your Family
and see how they love your enemy.

Wish to seek justice
and see how it dawns a new war!

Is there no end to the intelligence
of the one who supports our Battle
Yet STEALS our Victory?

See..? Even we heal from our wounds
To Fight again!

When even we know by truth
that our aggressors are no match for us,
how is it they prosper at our expense
as we prosper at theirs?

If truly our human foes were the puppetmasters of our demise
Then why are we all given the same weapons?
Wouldn’t they keep the weapons all to themselves?

Yet a human who hates is hated by the hated
and the human who hits is hit by the one who’s struck
and the human who yells receives strong words himself
and the one who steals has nothing of their own
and the one who rapes has no love of their own
and the one who conquers has no one who has given themselves to them.

All this that we would fight forever
NEVER finding eternal victory.
Even the ones we kill have sons who avenge.

Who is it that supports your battle
but steals your victory?

What god knows how to command your every step
and stage your war all the days of your life?
That you should know strife always
and never find serene rest?

Will you fight to support this god who toys with you?

One Must Not Fight
Not Ever
Not Anything

Because every weapon placed in your hand
is done so by the enemy spirit itself.

How great a defeat we have
that the bomb of envy blows up on our soil
and the dagger of anger cuts our own hearts
and the strategy of prejudice separates us from our brothers
and the army of fear attacks our own fortresses.

It is by design that you should fight
and fight also with the weapons your enemy crafted for you!
So that it shall never be HE who is fought
but that we fight ourselves
with our own weapons we weld.

One Must Not Fight
Not Ever
Not Anything

There once was a story of the God of gods
and the King of kings
Who Commanded that we have no other gods before Him.

And he came to us
in this place of perpetual war and hell
and said…
“Do Not Fight, and you shall Win the War”
“Lay down your life, and you shall have eternal Life”
“Love your neighbor as yourself”
“Give freely and with a glad heart”
“In service we find brothers, and with brothers we can recover from anything”

And he gave to us not weapons, but tools
of Love
of Generosity
of Freedom from judgement
of Truth
of Peace
of Laughter
of Miracles.

All around we see the beauty of Eden in all that the Greatest God Made
and all around we see the plight of man suffering in Eden at the hands of a lessor god.

For me to fight is to worship a lessor god.
and he only promises war and destitution.

For me to embrace the beauty of Life
is to follow the God of gods.
and He Promises me Eternal Life in Peace.

I love that story, because it makes sense of all I have seen and know.

One Must Not Fight
Not ever
Not Anything.

Only a Fool Fights in a Burning House

I, like my Father before me, desire instead to Create with these New Tools of Love.

Ryan o0o


All Words and Images (unless otherwise noted)
Copyright © 2013 Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
Painting “Digital Forest” Graphical Photo/Image ©2011 Colleen Ranney – used with permission
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