How can the hunger of a soul reflect anything less than the moment recalled or dreamed?

Is it not where we live?

Whatever we gain or whatever we loose is of itself a matter of a moment. One cannot hold power or strength or riches or glory or pride but for that moment. One cannot loose power or strength or riches or glory or pride but for that moment.

Persistence of anything physical is an illusion created by a magician who only needs a moment to convince you of an inevitability. Persistence of a law of man, a right of man, a principle of man or a condition of man is likewise nothing more.

Where do we not find the circular game?

Our histories show the rise and fall of every building, every race, every culture, every establishment, every ideal, every religion and every thing of man that man can know.
Our present confirms this.
Our future is the same.

Some shun their past; finding no value there. Others curse the dream of the future; trusting instead in their strategic perspective.

Yet do we not find our past lives on forever with just a simple recall?
And do not our dreams grow also with another simple imagining?

It is here in the seat of the soul, in the chambers of the heart, in the corners of the working mind that eternity of every moment is given breath. It is then here in the realm of the waking world that touchable experiences lay down the path of our past and inspire our future.

Kiss someone you love and in an instant you will know this is true. See how after the moment it is there, in your soul, as a living past moment of wonder?
See how it sets your will to wish for more in the future?

Those who shun their past, fear their past or find nothing of value there, live only now in their flesh. Their soul does not gain strength or honor or wisdom. They dwell in a withering lie for even their current belief was formed by the very past they lived. Without their past they would have no conception of non-value to judge their past.

If they look to the future they also form that dream according to the events of their past.
They cannot hide from the past or they also cannot run to the future.

Those who shun or fear or find no value in a dream for a future also live as flesh in the moment only. Yet who can say this in truth? Ask any one who punishes a dreamer and they will tell you that they punish the lazy dreamer because their future will be in jeopardy without their guiding discipline! Hypocrites! Even he who says he has no plans will then begin to tell you his plans of non-plans. Hypocrites. It is their soul that suffers the delusion that they cannot dwell upon tomorrow. It is this very lie that tries to hide the future in order to control the future that cannot be controlled without dreaming about it! The lie to their soul corrupts all growth, suspends all maturity.

Who can be so lost? Yet everyday you will hear your fellows speak of these things.
Even men of power and prominence will stand before many saying such things.

Just look to the heavens with eyes of the scientist. You will see that even the stars came from somewhere and are there now and also going somewhere. Everything moves, everything expands, everything breathes in and out.

Our past is the ingredients by which our present was formed.
Our future is the product we create with those ingredients.

Without our past and without our dream we Create Nothing.

They who live on the path of the soul must walk after the example of all living things.
We must live as eternal beings cherishing every moment before and every moment after.
We must also stand in the present as the creative less do, but we must be creators as our universe is.

THIS is what lives on. What else can live on unless what was before is known and what will be is sought out? Everything of man that man grasps is impermanent. What is permanent is the soul that reaches out and touches all things before and after in their living experience. It is the heart that is weighed by the universe as living or dead. It is in the heart of man that the choice is planted.

One must dream of peace to create peace. One must have experienced war in the past to wish to dream of peace.

One must dream of intimacy to create intimacy. One must have experienced and honored their isolation of the past to embrace and discover intimacy.

One must dream of anything better to create anything better.
One must respect and uncover and remember the sorrow of their past in order to assemble something better.

Time has no say in losses and truly no say in gains. Right with us right now is the power of all our steps before, and every step we choose from now on.

Ryan o0o


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