It changes
The damned thing

Is it such a great thing
To live once
And remember always
The life before
To live again?

Is it such a wonderful thing
Watching them grow
Never to be as they were
To become as they shall be?

My heart is out of time
As my soul is out of time
As my body upon this earth
Has no time

Cheated we are to learn the way
Before our days do change
From life to former things

Banished we are
From our own steps
Attuned to relics
Of rusted memories

Where is the strength of our youth?
Or the fearlessness of our will?
Can we recall the reason by which
We chose in those days?

We watched the children pray
As all the fools sailed away
To Paradise City
Somebody save me
Tears are falling
Cause we’re Slaves to the grind
Dream warriors
On the Wild Side
Don’t close your eyes
In the still of the night
Take a Shot in the Dark
Cause I wanna rock
In Isolation
With my Singapore Sling

Immortalized mortification
In the mirror of the lake of life
As seen by the eyes of a prophet
Of intemperate time

Never to fear of our death
When it is our life
That we should take note
Marking every moment
Into an eternity frozen

What is in store
For the man who has more
Than one ship
Still stranded upon the rock
Of convicted belief
Still wading in the waves
Of wanton lawlessness?

Can I escape the tune of the Maker
Who has changed the song
Beyond all recognition
Of what I knew to dance along?
Leaving lines upon my face
And scars within my heart
And knowledge that cannot be reconciled
In the horrors of the mind
Of time

Oh that I do praise
In these dark days
For the love beside me
And the warmth of her
As she still sees
The great man within
She never met

Yet that he would still rise
But into when?
Where shall my fire lead?

Praise the simple embrace
Truly does it brace and restore
All that has fallen in me
From before our love
And before that
And even into the days of my youth
When my strength still sought after you
Knowing then that now in these nights
I could not carry the weight of all before
Alone anymore

Ryan o0o


All Words and Images (unless otherwise noted)
Copyright © 2014 Ryan Ranney & Colleen Ranney – Ranney Studios
“Singapore Sling” Painting/Image ©1990-2014 Ranney Studios

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