Who dares to toss every comfort
And every security
And every warmth
And every option
Into the fire?

When every chain is loosed
That confined one life to its path
When every principle is set aside
And every chastity is released

Burning away at the pit
Set ablaze in glorious flame
Naked without recourse to repent
This choice

Starving at the loss of it all
Running into the uncharted woods
Stripped of all convenience
Nothing but a fist upon the wind
Against the mighty

Who then dares to meet the dark behind the eyes?

When one is in a superior position
One expects they will win

So to know ones truth
One must expect themselves to lose
To abandon all hope
To place themselves in the position they cannot overcome

The weaker our position
The more aggressive our posture
To live

There and only there
When nothing is left to offer assistance
And no one remembers your former glory
Can one find their powerful foe
He fights for his very life
And we must give up that life

That is how you mold a sharpened blade
Of unyielding strength…
From the fire of our own burning hearts
And the pounding of our very soul

Oh how well he hides in the place no one will go.

Some have.

All cry out while they cool
Molded, shaped and straightened

The process is long
Horrible and intolerable by nature

But then like a work of art
Are they loved
Finely adorned
Finished and fashioned
To a blinding shine of immense awe

The crafters eyes always upon every portion
Making it perfect at every angle

There displayed and stood
By the others also beautifully crafted

Oh yes the iron of man still rest beneath
Never again to find its way to the surface

I know my place in this process
Just as Israel during the last Plague
I rejoice the passing over of Death
Which can no longer take me
As I prepare to wander
This time
Into the wilderness of Eden
Once again.

This Morning’s Light
Will find a new eternal heart
Polished everyday
To greater rejoicing.

Ryan o0o


Copyright © 2013
Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
All Rights Reserved