The Seven Levels of Deception

I cannot know
They cannot know
I should not know
They should not know
I don’t want to know
I don’t want them to know
Nobody knows

Each one upon the other

Some of the most interesting writing I have ever read has been on the subject of deception. Sometimes it is an open direct subject and other times it is not even made aware by the author themselves. Though the dialog is deeply intriguing, I happen to agree with very little.

I’ll explain why.

No one can work within a system of deception, as a tool, as a method of protection, as a means to an end, or for any other reason… and remain protected by the truth. Once working in the realm of deception for a purpose, even the knowledge of truth becomes a denial to the newly initiated self-deceived. Deception is relied on, as a form of communication and this in itself is the ultimate proof of self-deception. The only form of real communication is honesty and truth. The amazing papers and information packets on the concept of deception, written by the “masters of deception”, are nearly impossible to take seriously mainly due to their own fundamental reliance. They even reference nature… when an animal will feign a wound in order to draw an attacker away from a nest or their children. Taking THAT quality seriously in human standards only proves to lower us to the animal level. Yet it is presented as a notable primer as to “why” deception should have human value.

I will present that self-deceived idea.

Many humans actually believe that they will be more understood if they lie.
Many humans actually believe they will be more accepted if they lie.
Many humans actually believe they will be made safer if they lie.
Many humans actually believe they are entitled to the deceptive reward of their lie.
Many humans are actually offended if you discover their lie, accusing you of wrongdoing.
Many humans will defend their denial, deception and lies to the day of their grave.

Let’s make it simple.
If I am thirsty and I lie and say to someone that I want a piece of bread, have I quenched my thirst?

So how have we become deceived to think that through deception we can achieve our real goals? Can I lead an enemy away by lying? Yes it is actually easy. Will he come back again even madder because of the lie? Yes it is actually historical. Is my enemy a cat? Am I a bird? I could deceive a cat indefinitely in some cases. This however is not true of another human. The tactic is logically unsound on a human level in every facet of human intellect, human emotionalism and human longevity. The tactic is on the level of beasts and bugs. When directed towards us we are also treated as beasts and bugs.

Moviemakers and entertainers I truly sort out as outside this realm… because we are not told that the “Images of Godzilla” are actually real. Entertainment “suspends reality” but it does not wholly fabricate or manipulate the truth… they do so with our prior consent… therefore it is not a deception or denial. “Reality TV” can be so incredibly deceptive that only the extremely impressionable and self-deceived could ever accept it as truth. Sadly, that group is far larger than we can imagine, namely because of generations of reliance upon deception as a truth.

To be brief as possible, I will attempt to give a simple explanation of the seven levels of deception. I could write a book on each. Hopefully it will become crystal clear how idiotic our reliance on deception is.

I cannot know.
This is our tool when we are unable to reconcile an actual truth with our actual lie. Some people believe that they cannot know a truth. They do this by accepting a lie and saying it is true. Yet they know a million truths simply by waking up in the morning and discovering how they feel. How convenient to ignore ourselves first thing in the morning!

They cannot know.
This of course “must be true” to the self deceived, because if the self-deceived person cannot know… then you couldn’t possibly know either. Because a self-deceived person CANNOT live in a world where someone else’s fact is somehow more correct than their “opinion.” That would shatter their delusion and has even lead to suicide in strong cases.

I should not know.
The cornerstone of every fear we ever have. The most illusive of all lies because we believe we will be better off not knowing the truth even though the lie is literally killing us and making us miserable. Humans generally use “Principles, Rules, Laws and Moral Standards” to justify their choice that they should not know.

They should not know.
A measure of control of those who “believe” themselves more worthy of a truth via their use of deception. Here’s a clue… if you use deception to “help, protect or otherwise control another”, you are unable to understand the truth. Worthiness is determined by a greater force and doled out in levels to our ability to understand a truth. Therefore the use of deception negates worthiness of the information being manipulated or hidden.

I don’t want to know.
Literally the admittance of ignorance with the self-delusional “pat on the back” for purposely lying to yourself. Sounds pretty stupid eh?

I don’t want them to know.
The obvious result of “I don’t want to know.” This is where people become angry that YOU KNOW of their lie. They then must revert to “You can’t know” and you must be the liar with your accusation now giving justification to their denial of truth.

Nobody knows.
Let me make this clear. EVERYBODY KNOWS. The only thin little thread that a person can hang onto in their “belief” that nobody knows is because of the awareness of other people self deceptions also. Make sense? We believe something is Safe and protected in our deception because of the deception of others. So how do we again come to believe that we understand a truth by several levels of deception?

I will end with this.
The only reason people use deception is because they believe in it more than they believe in the truth. They believe they will obtain all of their goals with greater result than if they relied on truth. Again… only by asking for water can I answer my thirst. Yet somehow a man can believe that he will have the sexual experience he wants with the person he wants if he lies to get it. We can only get the girl we want by telling the truth… although hardly anyone believes this.

We have somehow become convinced that the TRUTH will hurt and the LIE will make things better. We are wholly self-deceived. Oddly enough, we demand that others tell us the truths that we don’t even want to tell ourselves.

Here is another reality… and another truth.
A self-deceived person CANNOT believe they are. To be deceived means… well… that we are deceived. Congratulations… you achieved your goal of lying and hiding and now you cannot even know the true result. You can only know the FALSE result.

Those who know the true result of anything in any genre and any arena… are those who work with the truth. We cannot know a truth by examining a lie… we can only know the absence of truth.

Here is something to look forward to.
ALL of us have fallen victim to all seven levels of deception presented here. We have self deceived and so made it easy for others to also deceive us. A great truth though is that we do not have to stay stuck in our ignorance. We simply have to stop defending the lie… and start defending the truth.

If I tell you that I love you… and it is a lie… It will inevitably hurt you.
If I tell you that I love you… and it is a truth… it will eventually please you.

Even so… these are my truths and may not be yours. Enjoy!

Ryan o0o


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