The Life of a creator is a reckless place. There is no order, no symmetry, no precision, no direction, and no focus. It is from this vast emptiness that a creator seeks to bring life, organized thought, harmony, purpose, meaning, unity, and eternity.

The creator is haunted always by shadows and light. Within a creator is carried the battle of good and evil, light and dark, right and wrong, life and death. A creator must know the depths of darkness, and the height of luminescence. It is not a matter of choice for a creator. He must be willing to swim the oceans of possibilities lest he lose his soul over to one side or the other. It is through the wonderings back and forth that a creator discovers the ingredients to build upon his creation.

In all righteousness there is vanity within the hearts of men, and in all lawlessness there is also vanity within the hearts of men. A creator cannot be confined by the heart of man, but must earnestly seek always to grasp at the whole of the universe. In the universe there is chaos, order, beauty, ugliness. The universe is full of everything, and everything is only what it is to the perception of the creator. Without a creator’s perception, there is nothing.

Not many are true creators, yet all know a creator or two. Much of the function of man has succumbed to the rituals of man, cold stale and driven by purposeless endeavors. A creator is such that he is separate from the domesticated system of man in spirit, yet he must also function within that system. This perception can cause a feeling of isolation and doubt amongst creators. Seeing though that conformity or rebellion carries no free choice, a creator spends the whole of his life seeking various ways to create a new reality.

Almost all creators are perceived by others to be insane, crazy, zealot, hyper focused, intense, odd, abnormal, hyper analytical, hyper irrational, emotional, cold, inhuman, extraordinary, weird, passionate, sensitive, a dreamer, a wonderer, a lost soul, a visionary, a remarkable character etc. A creator lives with intense duality and profound confusion at times to what is real. This adds to his overwhelming ability to demonstrate touching harmony in his creations. The arts are full of creators, though many are called but few are chosen.

A creator’s task in our day and age is more difficult then ever. In ages past he was hounded by brutal dogma and many times had to hide his face from the population or face death. In those days his creations would be hidden, burned, lost, stolen, denounced by power, and shut out by the fear and tradition of the ruled population. In our day today we are given freedom to express all that we wish in some places, save a few small but powerful arguments. This too is slowly being eroded again, but the greatest destroyer to creators now is not the outside reality, but the inside one. With our global minded drive, our mass media, our vain desire for the power of others, the possessions of others, the thoughts of others, many have let go of the reality of choice to the rule of the mind. They are given only options that are unacceptable to survival on an eternal scale, and choose between the most selfish rational choices for immediate survival now. In a world abundant with possibility, they cannot see past the beliefs, fears, wants, and needs that were given to them as the way life should be by those who came before. Many creators have given up their eternal food for the want of human security. Yet they are never fully unaware of their great sacrifice, or the self-damning they have committed.

A creator’s task today is most difficult because now they must remember themselves amongst the tornado of rules, laws, morality, perspectives and knowledge of man. Mankind has limited itself to each individual’s singular perception of correctness and righteousness. We wish to be seen and heard from our perception, yet many have become unwilling or unable to witness outside of themselves. The body that makes it possible to experience the outside world has in most cases become the only means by which that world is now felt. In many cases as children the soul was lost in the world of man’s distractive rituals and patterns. The ability to unearth the natural expression of life outside of itself became mired down by the minds need to obey all the various and contradictory ideas of knowledge. The body enforces it’s desires, the mind capitulates and therefore must lie to itself about what it is doing, creating labels, more rules, more ritual, more law. The mind today has become so powerful among men that IT is who mankind thinks it is, and they have forgotten they are the spirit. We are not the body, as the body passes away, nor are we our minds for our minds store only knowledge. Yet we allow our knowledge to be who we think we are. We are soul, spirit, and life. The body is not where choice is made, nor is it in the mind that choice is made, but in the spirit. The body has needs; the mind cannot ignore its input, but the spirit is limitless in possibility.

Many condemn the body it’s needs and say shame to our temples, yet they still use the carnal mind to make such judgments and have forgotten their living spirit. Still then in judgment their bodies rule their mind by need, and their mind rules their spirit by law. The truth is that the Spirit is eternal, the mind shall follow, and the body shall follow the mind. This truth is often known as knowledge, but not a reality.

This is the struggle of the creators today, not from without, but from within. In every society there is a loss to the dream of mankind and a struggle with man to find balance in a human system that cannot be balanced. Many creators have fallen to their minds; many have succumbed to the passions of their bodies. There are geniuses dwelling in the fruitless world of business, and artists seeking glory above creation.

A creator must remember himself, that he is spirit, a reflection of a divine whole, and experiencing this life now for the purpose of creation itself. It is a harsh undertaking because of the minds desire to play imposter to who a person really is. Stepping outside this arena is not a welcome move by anyone who witnesses such a maneuver. People easily become scared and afraid of the jabbering duality and the appearance that their loved one is losing their mind. Which is of course precisely what is happening. A creator must be willing to let go of all human preconceived notions of everything, even their own deepest faiths. He must allow the natural desire found in the soul to seek eternity again come to bear. He cannot escape the struggle of division, duality, separation and loss found within his experience. For it is by the experience of nothingness, that he is reminded to create.

Creators are often misunderstood and pitied by those who are closest to them. They are also often glorified and awed. A creator may awaken one day very darkly and weak, and another day very exuberant and light. It is difficult for some to accept and comprehend the soul of a creator, but others are deeply suited for understanding. A creator has no real sense of time, and he may wander in the wilderness for years before coming out again. Likewise he may cease creating for a while and appear barren and lacking. A creator may experience time as an urgent compression, or eternal and unhurried.

Love is a code of a creator. It is the cement to all creations. It is in the heart of the universe that a creator finds the ingredients to build upon love. Love is known and found in his soul, it is who he is. He co-creates as the instrument of the Master.

A creator must create to remember.

Ryan o0o


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