What cause do we trust
with the fragmentation of souls
our own

Where can we find ourself
unless to be a scar
unwanted and forgotten
without pride
requiring others?

It is a perfect sale
that we should want a thing
created by another
to the end
our own is no more.

What is celebrated in all of Heaven’s Glory
except that which is unique?

What is remarkable as soon as another sees?

In this my soul
is not a tavern of rest
for another
to withdraw their
undesired will.

AH, we fear individuality
we loath the homeless artist
we recoil from the truly brave
clinging ever to that
which all others also touch.

Adultery of the mind
Fornication of the heart
Abandonment of our eternal soul
that is what it is
to celebrate popularity.

In this surely ALL the first shall be last
and the Last shall be first.

In truth what makes me,
Me.. cannot be known.
In honesty what makes me tick
cannot be rewound.
In faithfulness what makes me
is everything that isn’t you.

Oh how I study to express
ways to show you
what isn’t me!

I am not a riddle
or a test
or a puzzle
or anything great
but an unknown.

Unknown not by lack
of what you know.

Unknown more by all that
you do know.

It is true that all one believes of another
is only their belief of themselves
should they be that way.

Seek rejection
embrace ridicule
accept abandonment
crave banishment
uphold yourself!

In THESE detestable human gifts
do we find greater truth of another.
It is I who knows myself
when no others know anything.

My lover has always been abused.
My brothers have all been rejected.
My Heavenly Father has always been a mystery.
My King has always been beaten.
My mother earth has always been raped.

What GREATNESS I am the witness to Bare
in ALL of my Family and Friends.
Unique, Beautiful, profound, untamed, unrelenting, without limit
unlike anyone, unlike the stars themselves they Are,
A perfect Soul without fragment.

Who is to see
what cannot be seen by choice of the owner?
Who is to know
what is protected and cherished

I could go on forever
sharing endlessly
opening everything and every door in me
and even then
You cannot walk inside.

The only doors you can enter
are your own fabricated desires
of who you want to think another is.

Even so… how precious it is
that I study ways to be unknown
in the great test
of sharing it all.

Before the eyes of everyone
before the hearts of all
before the minds and knowledge of the greats
I remain without proper definition.
As so I choose always.

Bring out your books to test me
Open your talented ideas to ponder me
set before me your awesome discernment
and see the masterful mockery
of your own self evaluation!

In 100 years time
still even no one can know another.

See? What have you gained by loving those who love you?
It is self love of what you already loved about yourself,
If you did what they did.

So here on this earth
I love those
no one has ever loved.
I welcome those
no one has ever welcomed.
I embrace those
no one has ever embraced.
They are the Royal Gems of the Universe!
Unmatched by anything.

Pride, how silly a thing it is to be respected by men.

Hidden away in caves
you will find the Greatest men.
Yet you will not see them before you.

Thrown away by others
you will find the most valuable men.
Yet you will not ever comprehend their worth.

Abused beyond measure and mark
you will find the Most Precious of Women.
Yet you cannot know her in your own bed.
You would not feel her by touching her
You would not understand her by hearing her
You would not ever have her even by force
You would not take her in by seeing her beauty
ALL of these are the reason for the failure.

What cause do we trust
with our fragmented Souls
seeking always to be like
the mediocrity of the mob?

How deeply I lost it once,
my own true self,
through success and large gatherings.
A commoner of what others wanted.

How blessed now it is without
even to know
that through riches if they came again
and even through Fame if it showed it’s face…
What was once mine in me alone, is mine again!

And no one shall ever see my secret treasures.
Even though I hold them right before your very eyes.

Blessings are to everyone unknown.
They shall inherit every unknown treasure.

Ryan o0o


All Words and Images (unless otherwise noted)
Copyright © 2013 Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
“Ryan’s Question” Graphical Photo/Image ©2009 Ryan Ranney
All Rights Reserved

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