I hear what is not said
am deaf to what is shared.
I see what is not shown
and blind to what is before me.

I say what is not heard
am heard by what I have not shared.
I show what is not seen
and powerless to lead the blind.

I know what is unknown
and know not what is common knowledge.
I understand what is not real
and I am real when in a dream.

I help when unaware
and harm when seeking to help.
I share myself to add to life
and somehow minus life by doing so.

I listen when no one is speaking
and misinterpret them when they are.
I defend when no one is attacking
and attack when there is no war.

To make offerings from a place I know
but being received in a place they know
my works are understood as their own
if they were to do such things.

I am righteous in the work of my hand
yet vile to another because of such works.
Another is just in the way they go
and undesirable is that path for me.

There is a man who must partake in the passions he holds
Yet those things would be death to my soul.
As another could not manage my mind
I could not fathom the emptiness of theirs.

Even unto God there is a way for one
and for another it is an abomination to God.
As also for men
who make their gavel fall.

And in their worlds are such riches and beauty
of which they cannot share in mine
as also of wealth and joy that I know
it is as obscurity to their foundations.

Perspective upon perspective upon perspective
when why do I wish to progress?
For what does it matter to anyone at all
accept within me?

Truly Solomon was correct
when he said that all is vanity
and grasping at the wind.

Truly the Christ was correct
when he said we must be
as little children.

For indeed that which I know
is of no value to another truth.
And that which is true EVEN to proof
is of nothing to one who breaths
by their faith.

Who can know a truth
when it only applies to them?
Who can judge a dream
when it is not their own?

And what can I say even of truth
when I myself am aware
of the dream within my dream?

Yet even to me it is as insanity
because of what IS within me.
I have witnessed my own
false witness.

Surely there are no words to speak
from the unrealistic reality
of my reality.

But it is mine
it is all I know
it is what has been given to me
it is what has been placed in my charge

I become nothing
unless I first become nothing.
I discover nothing
unless I first discover nothing.
I know nothing
unless I first know nothing.

These are the parameters of my dream
with one great redeeming quality…

I love my dream
I love the people in my dream
I love the plants and the animals
and the humor and the music
and the passion and the intimate things
and the possibility and the potential
and the vastness of the unknown.

I love the Family God has given to me
and humble myself before them.
I love the wife who stands beside me
and I love to stand beside my wife.

These are they who help me cross over
into another reality.

I love them for this.
I love their dream.

Without Love
my life is a dream of Impossibility.

Ryan o0o


All Words and Images (unless otherwise noted)
Copyright © 2013 Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
Painting “Worlds” Graphical Photo/Image ©2011 Colleen Ranney – used with permission
All Rights Reserved

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