Who has felt the moment of personal irony?
What has been the cause of ones own contradiction?
Why are some oblivious, and some who cannot escape the facts?
Where is the divider between what’s real, and the reality of the lies?
When does one know when the mind has been broken?

How do we know which side of ourselves to trust?

In a glimpse I felt the hammer of fate fall in my heart.
The truth had been revealed.
One, now two, must reside in single space.
Then a shudder, a weakness, a terror, now silent surrender,
The result of which is the breaking of ones heart.

Long after the game plays out, the payment must be made.
Project will, flirt with honesty, believe ye above the law.
An offering has been made in our honor, ourselves.
To seek life one dies to seek death one lives.

Though the pendulum swings, the mind perceives not itself.
Some dwell in folly believing it sunlight and beauty.
Though the pendulum swings again, the one mind holds account of the other.
Some dwell in light seeking the sun that is but a memory.

Amidst the passing of breath-to-breath apathy of thought is found.
Passion rests with either side, one light, one dark, both reverant to self.
The lie desires me, and I hate but honor the lie.
The truth frees me, and I love but dishonor the truth.

In a moment of love felt there is clarity.
In a moment of love given there is hope.
In a moment of love there is the awakening of the pendulum.
In a moment of the mind, there is no love given.

I am broken, and in two.
One of me innocent, hating the other.
One of me cursed, loving the other.
All of me locked between Heaven and Hell everlasting.

For whatever side I so happen to be on, is the enemy of my other.

Ryan o0o


All Words and Images (unless otherwise noted)
Copyright © 2013 Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
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