The beast of the mind of the human experience.

A box inside a box inside a box
6 sides of ourselves
As the inner most box

6 sides of our beliefs
We peer through
As the middle box

6 sides of what can be shown to us outside
From others or things
As the outer box

We proceed from one of our sides
And apply a relative belief construct to peer through
To whatever is being show to us
On the 6 panes before us to choose from.

There is a seventh side
To every thing
Which is the truth.

There are seven stories that we tell
one is true.

There are 7 thoughts we can hold at any given moment
one is real.

1 is death, 5 are images, 1 is life.

A normal thinker thinks
Displaying one of their 6 sides (choice)
Then looking through the 6 sided box
Of their beliefs (structure and self)
Outward to the six sided box they are in. (environment)

One cannot know the truth in this system

The sides we are is what we think we are.
Not the truth.
The beliefs we have are what we believe we should believe.
Not the truth.
The environment around us is an image being shown to us.
Not the truth.

A normal feeler feels
From what they are shown in their environment
And then apply a previous image of their experience
To determine
Which side of themselves will react because of it.

One cannot feel the truth in this system.

The outer image is not the truth
The judgement of previous images cannot be the truth
And the reaction displayed is derived from non truth.

What is true to the thinker and the feeler
Is the fact of liking the process or not
Even though some of the determining factors
Are liked due to untruth
And some of the filtering beliefs hide the truth.

Even so there are founding truths each and everyone
Discovers for themselves through the senses.
(I happen to love ice cream)

But this was a Discovery of truth
Therefore it already existed
Before it became known to me.

I was ignorant of the truth
Until i tasted ice cream
And such ignorance cannot be judged in truth
And condemned for the unknowing.
(Who condemns themselves when discovering a love?)
It can only be judged in the matrix of the boxes.

The truth is what IS and was and always will BE
Not what we think we think
Not what we believe
And not what is shown to us.

The truth is what IS and WAS and always will BE
Not what we feel we should feel
Not what we want
And not what others want from us.

The truth is a discovery of the heart
A journey of the soul
And a blessing to our feelings and thinking.

Indeed perhaps these experiences exist
JUST to enjoy the discovery of truth?

Everything I have discovered I love
Is the most beautiful thing in all the world to me.

The truth is already yours.

The truth is already inside the real you.

The truth can only be shared, outside the beast.

All I need do, is to discover it in me.

Ryan o0o


Pastel Art “Girl on a Rock” ©2012 by Colleen Ranney – Used by Permission

Copyright © 2013
Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
All Rights Reserved