I cannot write what cannot be written

About the Riddle of the Shapes
With 1 Foundation
With 2 Perspectives
With 3 Directions
With 4 Corners
And 5 Faces

Or the Temple of the Experience
With 1 Example
With 2 Progressions
With 3 Bodies
With 4 Levels
And 5 Dreams

Or the Perfection of the Group
With 1 Idea
With 2 Decisions
With 3 Wills
With 4 Gifts
And 5 Results

Or the Determination of Origins
With 1 Beginning
With 2 Requirements
With 3 Timelines
With 4 Ingredients
And 5 Species

Of the 6th I cannot give word
And the 7th is also removed from my lips to say

And of all others greater than 7
They are inconcievable to man

Yet all that has been shared and shall be shared
In everything I have shared before and after
Is the software of programmed words
Unlocking the mystery
In a foreign tongue

Let this be known

That Angels climb the ladder
And salvation is in the extention of it

Yet men have saught to capture the angels
And force themselves upon them
So that what was in the beginning
Is now turned over to rebellion
Against the former fallen

It is now for the ears of the Daughters of God

Yea Angels of Earth
Bound not evermore
In the promise of life
Given by love
Need not stand upon the stone
Without knowledge of themselves
Through the corruption of man

Let them speak
To their home
And climb again the ladder
If one be found with open doors
Into their heart accepted.

As Lot escaped his warried land
Losing also his earthly wife

So too are they who broke the seal
To their hidden Darkness
That they may walk in obeyance of life

Ahh there is refuge upon the earth
In old forgotten words restored
And new accepted realities percieved
So that they who mourned
Their lost filled cup
May know the divinity of their will
Is not the tinkering of the vile alone
Or given no recourse
But manifest in the greater plan
For the foundation of love remembered

What house shall be built on earth for the Daughters of God?
What House of Light shall be erected to signal them home?

Who stands at the tower ever watchful
Returned from the woods after fleeing the great Beast?

Indeed awaken then from the mysteries deep
That they have wondered in darkness
Knowing again the path
Is truly in the Heaven’s dream
After man defeats himself
By acceptace of his calling

And in this
How could all prayers not be answered?
And of this
How could all knowledge not be known?
And by this
How could all sorrows not be forgotten?

And what shall restore every faith?

For all that was done
Is to be undone
And all that was taken
Is to be given back
And all that was given death
Must be given life.

Of that I can write and say
Tho very few shall hear.

Ryan o0o


Painting “Healing” ©2010 Colleen Ranney &colleencranney Used with Permission

Copyright © 2013

Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
All Rights Reserved