It is what is to be expected
When the mind dreams
Of its dreaming of things
That we would know this place or that
From this time and then
Around those things and these

For I can stand upon an ancient temple
Simply because I have stood there
In a mind that does not know
The difference between
My standing or dreaming of standing

I have fought battles and won
Simply because my mind does not know
The difference between the thought or the thing

I have been raised up
And I have been crushed down
Simply because I said so
In a mind that does not know
The movement
Unless I inform it to discern
What my will has commanded it to believe

As one desires a thing
And another fears it
All within the confines of a mind
Hidden away from the thing itself

So too does the liberated mind
While the imprisoned mind

Tell me
Of the value of human life

What can one gain
Doing what was shown to them
As success
And in obeying
Had received it?

In the setting aside of all fear
Is there also the emptiness
Of undefined life
Been given no value
By former ideas

Lest life itself be defined
By the laws within the spirit
Where is there a path?

That which man has defined
Weighed within the system
Of dreaming of terror
And dreaming of conquest
Is there no spirit at all

Insomuch that to have any spirit
One must first release the mind
Of all former conceptions
Previously ordained as heaven or hell
Right or wrong
Just or unjust
Good or bad

Spoken by masters
That all the old wine must be poured out
So that new wine may enter into the vessel

Where living entire generations
Indeed did manufacture our world
Do we ask
How we could not then comprehend
The unimaginable power
Of the spirit formerly unknown?

Was it not simply an idea
That gave birth to the great skyscrapers?
Was it not simply an idea
That gave birth to flight?
Even when knowing these things
Are in the spiritless mind!

Ask now of they who claim to follow a deity
That in their belief that God can speak
And it is so
Yet in the speaking of man
Is much work left to do
Where then is their belief?

Especially given that in my own mind
Is not known a difference
Between what I imagine
And what is so

So then is it not understood
That our complaining should end
Within the soul and heart
As we know it is only our body that requires?

Then it is that I should proclaim
Within my heart and mind and soul
And by way of my word and mouth
That in rising did I choose to accept and to rise
And that in falling did I choose to accept and to fall
All for the experience of such things

Oh that another may make my flesh suffer
But in freedom does one live by the knowledge
That everything within is now choice
Spoken not with mechanical abeyance
To former mental suffering by human constructs

That now with my voice I may bless
And it is blessed even unto the thrones of the Universe
That now with my voice I may curse
And truly it is cursed even unto the thrones of the Universe

As it was before I knew it
Being born to the fact of a lie
And the reality of a truth

But alas
Only they who with great reverence
Awaken to the Spiritual War

Even as many speak of it
Even as many proclaim it
Even as many ritually fight
Even as many seek it
Even as many dream of their championing
Even as many try to guide others
In their spiritless battle
Marched on in their mind

Only a few actually bare witness

As it is known that amongst these
They did not come out to “make” peace
Or gather armies
Or garner respect
Or establish movements
But to bring about the destruction of war

And in seeing one who walks within their spirit
Is it intuitively known
That they may speak even unto the dark forces
In absolute faith of the outcome

Ryan o0o


All Words and Images (unless otherwise noted)
Copyright © 2014 Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
“War Bird” Painting/Image ©2012 Colleen Ranney – used with permission
All Rights Reserved