All that I see that is beautiful is my Father’s
All that I hear that is pleasant is my Father’s
All that I touch that is blissful is my Father’s
All that I smell that is sweet is my Father’s
All that I taste that is satisfying is my Father’s
All that I know that is exciting is my Father’s
All that I dream that is great is my Father’s
All that is good and is joy is my Father’s Work.

The fields and gardens and seas and lands
how plentiful and beautiful they are.
In each on every corner they be
I see the work of my Father.

The sky and stars and sun and moon
remind of the vastness of all.
Onto the earth is where I dwell
Until I see my Fathers Face.

How Great is my Father’s work?
How unchallenged it is!
Life upon life in every order
after every kind they are.

But here today I miss my Father
even among all his Glorious wonders!
He has gone to a place prepared for me
that none shall know until it is ready.

For long ago he went to his work
and left us all to till the garden.
And now I see the cowardly serpent
a task master spewing threats!

Deceived we all are
we must be!

For here on earth man fights with man
to hold what was already given!

For here on earth man quibbles for scraps
of all that they already possess!

And evil tasks we now give to our brothers
to glorify vain pleasures and paper.

We do and go and come and work
so that others may take what is ours!

A wicked and villainous servant has lied
and set themselves above my Father’s children.
While my Father commands the Universe whole
and made all that is therein
We still believe the one who creates lies
and destroys all that is true and real.

To fear of death we shutter
when a man turns his wrath upon us.
To fear of death we hide
when an idea tells us we are bad.
To fear of death do we obey
when another tells us we must.

Oh how did we buy such obvious garbage?
How did we succumb to a spectre?

Was it a fireside story from long ago?
A play that was meant to entertain?
A game we devised to pass the time?
or perhaps the laziness of a criminal?

ALL of our prison guards effects
have brought sorrow and pain and horror.
All that is still wonderful
is the Work of my Father.

So today I weep for my Father’s absence
and Pray his work be done soon.

I long for the fish to cry out
and the birds to sing in unison
and the beasts to stop and Praise
and the Flowers to open alike
and the trees to bow in Honor
and the LION to ROAR…
That my Father is Home.

TO the Feast of His return
when all the rabble is cleared out
and the Truth to all is restored
How I shall cry with laughter!

That all men remember they are Eternal
and there is no death to fear
and there is no price to pay
and there is no fear to consider at all.

For then will be this place again with my Father
forever and ever for all the universe to see!

A shining beam of light to the Heavens
A perfect Eden of Joy and Inspiration.

And also a gift to me, will be my place
that has taken years to prepare for us all.
And every soul shall live by their works
as so does my Father do.

Until then I shall wait in my chains
paying a man for the food my Father gave me
paying a man for the land my Father gave me
paying a man for the clothes my Father gave me
paying a man for the life my Father gave me.

Until then shall I pay knowing the truth
escaping in joy with my Wife
escaping in joy in the forests
escaping in joy with our thoughts
escaping in joy at the works of my Father
all around me all the time.

For all that we have forgotten in time
my Spirit remembers forever.

Ryan o0o


Image “Wow God” ©2009 Colleen Ranney – used with permission

Copyright © 2013
Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
All Rights Reserved