Peace cannot be bought with lies
Nor happiness with denial.

No man or woman can stand in the face of truth and say they are Light.

They who smile at others in order to show their light have exposed their darkness.
They who smile at others to hide their darkness have revealed their dream of Light.

Who can escape their nature but for a little while worship instead their image?

Is it not He who knows his truth that carries a heavy stone?

Yet he and she are not the same!

We can look and study and search and wonder but none of us will discover the one who knows their truth. There is a soul protected by wisdom to play a fool to be a god. As that one stares into our eyes they are as any other man staring into the face of a beast. He knows to be ruthless yet gentle, stern yet understanding, open yet unwavering and kind yet discerning.

If one can see a woman who appears to know her truth then she is protected by them to be hidden away as a precious jewel. Such it is with all riches that he who flaunts his wealth shall lose it. He who exposes his treasure will find his vaults plundered. That same man tho who nurtures his soil and protects his borders will even more grow many crops to share amongst the whole world.

Such a man would have to first know himself and his truth, his joy and his destruction, his peace and his war, his pleasure and his sorrow. Such a man would have to know the horrors of his heart and all the heavenly things also placed there.

It is by the contentment in all that we have done do we mark the foundations of our soul.
It is not by the desires of eyes, or the happiness of what we posses. There is no end to the acquiring of things and no end to the desire to acquire. Therefore make record of all that you have done and inquire within yourself to what is good and what is not. Separate that which brought you joy from that which brought you regret. Do what honored you.

Be fearless in the pursuit of your truth for it will even still take all the remainder of your life to construct it. Why play the game of images? Why wallow in the mud of self-deceit and public approval? Not one other will lay their head on your pillow. Not one other will lay their body in your deathbed. Not one other can love the real you if you are not who you wish to believe you are.

When at peace, proclaim it
When humbled, accept it.
When wrong make it right.
When hurt let it be known to yourself.
If you find bliss, embrace it.
When you find awe, respect it.

All that you hide from yourself you expose to the world as a greater sickness except from those who are also ill.

We are of both light and dark, life and death, peace and war.
But the liar who lies to himself is as the one without any portion of himself.

The flesh does wither as the soul does grow
And when the soul and flesh wither together then who can arrest the grave for us?
Even before our time are we as dead.
This too must we admit if it is so.

Only they who come out of darkness can live in light.
Only they who know their darkness can leave it.

Who can dig a whole without making a pile of dirt?
Indeed who can fill a hole without removing a pile of dirt?

Ryan o0o


All Words and Images (unless otherwise noted)
Copyright © 2013 Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
Painting “4 Winds” Graphical Photo/Image ©2010 Colleen Ranney – Used with Permission
All Rights Reserved

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