If there are more things unseen than seen
and more things unknown than known
and more things unheard than heard
and more things unwitnessed than witnessed
and more things unthought than thought
and more things uncreated than created…

And if it is true
That there is nothing new under the sun

Wouldn’t one be forced to reason

That all we know is actually false
and all our logic is actually laughable
and all we believe is actually speculation
and all we feel is actually entertainment
and all we judge is actually ludicrous?

and all our faith is actually based on
nothing more than what we have been told to trust
and feelings we like over feelings we don’t
and thoughts that we agree to because we like them
and rules we obey because we don’t want punishment
and masters who only Told us they were
and this by people before us who didn’t even create these ideas?

Because this would mean our creations today
MUST have been created before
and lost before
as we lose them today.

And this would mean
something limited us
from ever expanding beyond
the 7 stories we can tell
and the 7 thoughts we can hold simultaneously
and the 7 levels to our growths
and the 7 levels of our demises
and the 7 chakras of our bodies
and the 7 senses we can fathom
and the 7 notes we can hear
Because nothing new can be under the sun,
even though there is nothing here compared to what there can truly be
elsewhere in the unknown.

Imagine in trust
that ALL we do have
has been here before
and ALL we will create
was created also before.

What ideas have You had
and seen another prosper creating them?

What songs have you heard in your head
and then heard another wrote them?

What words have you thought
and then read another has written them?

Every generation before us
dismissed or killed the men
who spoke the truth
About washing hands in hospitals
about the center of our galaxy
about the roundness of the earth
about the nature of love
about the importance of nutrition
about the benefit of herbs
about the desire of freedom
about the LOVE of God.

Yet we learn and confess and obey the generations before us?

I submit to you that if truly Nothing is new under the sun
Then we are not progressing
in time
or in any other fashion.
We are indeed digressing
and turning back
and withering away
and repelling change
and fleeing anything
or any chance
of anything different
in any way.

Lather, rinse, repeat

All that we do, we do again
all that we have not done
we are already wanting to do
because somehow we already
know we will like it.

Even that which we do not want to do
we already know we don’t want to do it
before have done it.

Perhaps we have done it before?

Perhaps it is nothing new?

And where can someone show me anything
other then our only two choices
of Life or Death
Blessings or cursing
growth or decay
breathing in or breathing out
giving or taking?

Yet there are more WAYS to existence than these.
Just not under THIS sun, as a human.
There are more ways unknown, than known.

So with our Two choices,
and our 7 sources of input or output
Tell me who can teach
and who can learn
and who can create
and who can destroy
and who can speak and it is so
and who can refrain of speaking and it is not so?

Surely not us
we lather rinse and repeat

We have fear or we have courage
of things that are not happening
in a place that knows very little
centered between our ears.

And we THINK we know what makes life, life
and what makes death, death.
and we THINK we know who is right
and who is wrong
And we THINK we know
who is worthy and who is not
Because we only have two choices under the sun.

Even HE who says ALL are worthy
speaks of one choice over the other
Even he who says No one is worthy
speaks only of one choice over the other.

Yet under another sun
are many more choices
available to anything
other than humans.

So who is to say
what is good for another
or bad for another?

We cannot even remember ALL the days to our own lives
Yet we feel we have authority to judge another life?

Perhaps we are just following the blind
blindly down the former things
reversed in time
that we agreed to
in order to be rewarded
by those who imposed the punishment
that was exacted on them?

Even our greatest men
have had great men before them
and will have great men after them
all doing the same things
over and over.

Even our worst enemy
had enemies before him
and will have enemies after him
all doing the same things
over and over.

I want for nothing new
because nothing new can be had
that hasn’t already lived in my own mind
or the mind of another
before or after me.

And this we also think we know
that the mind knows no difference
between what it sees in imagination
or what it sees outside itself.

So what is real
and what isn’t real
when reality itself
cannot be fathomed at all
in the realm of humanity
given only two choices

amidst the sea of the unlimited Universe of God?

And who can say anything of God,
that hasn’t already been said
a million times over a million times?

Who can say anything about themselves
that hasn’t already been said
a million times over a million times
by others?

AHHH… a sandwich sounds great about now.

Ryan o0o


All Words and Images (unless otherwise noted)
Copyright © 2013 Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
“Baby Ryan” Graphical Photo/Image ©2000 Ryan Ranney
All Rights Reserved

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