In life we strive for principalities.

Each has a darkened corner.
Each has a terrible fear.
Each has a merciless oppressor.

If it were not for our hidden fears,
we would require no able justification.

The scholar would put away his scrolls.
The seeker would cease to look beyond.
The doubter would no longer pretend.

In the vast array of what truly is,
there is no requirement of worry.
That which is Just is Just, and will be,
with or without our mourning.

Faith is muddied by fear and doubt.
Our faith then IS of fear and doubt.
True Faith is the action of knowing with trust.
Doubt is the preparation of not knowing with trust.

That which we put our faith in,
will be the path of our life.

He who prepares for war,
has war.

He who acts in peace,
has peace.

He who prepares for suffering,
has suffering.

He who acts for riches,
has riches.

He who prepares for hate,
has hate.

he who acts with love,
has love.

He who prepares for death,
has death.

And He who acts for life,
has Life.

The grounds of our destiny are not on the physical.
They begin in our spirit.

That which we know in our spirit,
our body does reflect.

Our senses are ours to discover
the nature of our own spirit
through our bodies as well.

What you see with your eyes,
comes not from what is outside of you,
but from that which is inside of you,
started by you, to be ended by you.

The physician mends the body,
when the spirit should be consulted more-so.

History records our many moves,
and gives record of our successes.

Look to the nature of your life,
Look to the path of your steps,
Look to your daily thoughts,
Look to your progress.

If the spirit is full of doubt,
the body recieves a doubters wages.

If the spirit is full of greed,
the body recieves the daily unsatisfaction.

If the spirit is full of anger,
the Body recieves the pain.

If the spirit is full of fear,
the body receives the illness.

Know there is no lie in justice,
know there is no fall in truth,
Be of spirit to meditate on these,
and forget not their very definitions!

In Peace there IS peace without question.
In Harmony there IS Harmony without Question.
In Love there is LOVE without question.
In Life there is LIFE unquestionable to you!

Do you doubt the razor’s pain that cuts your flesh?
Why then do you doubt the law of God?

The spirit calls out for Heaven,
but the mind speaks to us of Hell,
and the Body receives the wages of the winner.

Those who have accepted their hatred,
have not listened to their own spirit,
but the spirit of the Hater,
who has entered into their mind.

Our Spirit speaks to us,
the Mind Speaks to us,
and the Body speaks to us,
But who is to listen?

The flesh also calls out,
and the spirit does hear,
but the mind again enforces its fears,
until our spirit is that of an intruder.

All who stand, stand as Adam, and as Eve.
And all who walk the Earth, do also eat of its fruits.

All have been convinced to fear one thing or another,
and all have eaten these sour grapes.

He who shall overcome that which is not true,
shall not die, but have everlasting life.

Our spirit desires our liberation.

Think not alone on your oppression,
but on your release.

He who prepares for the Kingdom of Heaven,
shall find the Kingdom of Heaven.

Moreover it shall not be that you are damned to darkness forever,
and it is not that you are forgotten in hell.

None shall know the hour of the return of truth,
of the return of heaven,
or of the return of God…..

For it comes to EACH… on its own.

Ryan o0o


Photography “Sunset 2” ©2010 Colleen Ranney – used with permission

Copyright © 2013
Ryan Ranney – Ranney Studios
All Rights Reserved