With the eyes of desire we do seek our own pleasure.
With the words of love we do cast our spells.
With the will of our spirits we force our intention.
With the works of our mind we hide our disgraces.

Many seek power and glory, but walk among the rituals of today.
In ancient times men knew of the power of their spirit.
They knew that to lust for a woman was to rape her soul.
They knew that to plot murder in the mind was to make war.
They knew that whatever is in their hearts, so was it also in Heaven.

In our world today we have forgotten the spirit of man almost altogether.
We praise our human accomplishments, we praise the works of our flesh, and we praise what our bodies and minds can do.

But we have overlooked the spirit itself. Our next evolution shall have to include this ancient component. Our next endeavor is for the soul.

As it was in the days of old, men and women did not forget their fathers before them. They comprehended and lived by the code that our Spirits themselves dwell in a Celestial place. They knew that there is an account of all that is in their hearts, if it live by grace or if it live by thievery. They knew their bodies harbored a portion of their spirit, and that their Fathers harbored the rest. They knew that by the law of life they could choose to live, or by the law of death they may choose to die. They knew that the will of their spirit was Far greater then the results of the flesh’s actions. And the actions of the flesh were attuned to the heart of the spirit that dwells within it.

A man, who has murdered in flesh, has desired murder hundreds of times in his spirit which stands before the throne of his Fathers.

A man, who has robbed another, has desired to steal a thousand times in his spirit which stands before the throne of his Fathers.

A man, who has raped another, has desired to rape a million times in his spirit which stands before the throne of his Fathers.

The places we go after Death of the flesh… are the places of spirit. The spirit is everlasting, and the spirit is more accountable then we are. The soul of your body creates all things that you desire to do, and in spirit your desires are living events. All the while on earth we use denial to justify our actions here, our spirit has no such recourse but to face it’s truths concerning our heart.

To act as if there are no Fathers of our spirit is to say there is no spirit in us. Before the faces of our Father’s we shall account for what is of the spirit far more then what was of the flesh. For man judges the works of flesh, but our Fathers judge the heart.

In some older Native American cultures, they could fathom justice for all manner of human conduct. But when one was discovered to be a liar, he would be killed immediately. They knew their spirit was seen always by the Great Spirit, so even when doing wrong they would speak the truth. Anyone who lied created too much frustration to ever gain trust, so he was returned to the Great Spirit.

I do not wish to be vague about this idea. In each of you, there is already the truth concerning your own desires and wishes. In you is already the knowledge of what is a lie and what is a truth. In you is already the consciousness to know the difference when you desire to know it.

But this desire is not widely practiced or chosen. All too easy it is to look upon the flesh and desire to have our way with it. All too easy it is now to take what is not ours, envy what is another’s individuality, lust for what we see, covet what another owns, and worship the gods of money and famous conformity. All too easy it is now to embrace these matters when all who are around us are of this spirit.

So I will make short the lesson of our ancients. There are two Fathers from which stem all other lesser gods you may worship. That is the Father of Life… and the Father of Death. The Father of life does all things for pleasure, for unity, for expansion, for fun, for love, for enjoyment, for peace, for eternity. The Father of death creates nothing, and only destroys what it can destroy, or wound, or kill, or sicken, or weaken, or cheat, or deceive, or discourage of all creation that the Father of Life has made.

Both life and death are able to grow, for life blossoms and death rots. The Tide flows in and the Tide flows Out. Each evolves in us according to the choices we make in our hearts.

Whatever we do, and whatever we think, and whatever is in our hearts serves one of these two Fathers. All thoughts are either a thought of life, or they are a thought of death. All actions are either an action of life, or an action of death. All feelings we have, are either feelings of life, or feelings of death.

And so it is that we all would wish for our brothers to consider their intentions when speaking, and doing, and thinking. Pay attention to the will of your mind and what it dwells upon continuously, see within which Father you serve. If it is the Father of life you find in your heart, then you will see the many blessings of your life. If it is the father of Death who lives mostly within, you will hear the cursing of your life and the life of others come from your own mouth.

None shall have to convince you of the truth, for it is already there in your heart, and living as your spirit.

(Written as it comes to me)

Ryan o0o


Photograph “Bench” ©2010 by Colleen Ranney (use with permission)

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